Lifesize® App

Secure, simple, flexible


When you use Lifesize’s video, audio and web conferencing technology, you don’t just talk over your team members -- you communicate.

Whether your company relies on one-on-one audio and video calls or global company-wide teleconferences, the Lifesize app makes every single meeting clear, smooth, and easy. Lifesize’s smart app has an intuitive interface and handy functions like screen sharing and calendar integration -- which easily syncs with calendars from Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Work, or Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.

Benefit from the following Lifesize App features:

  • Secure and seamless connection on various desktop, mobile, browser, and web app devices
  • Interoperability with other apps means more flexibility and convenience
  • User-friendly dashboard that lets you conveniently manage your directory, remove unused meeting rooms, and customize features
  • Enterprise-level security keeps your conferences safe from intruders
  • Intuitive recording and web conferencing screen sharing functions
  • Audio conferencing capable of connecting 50-way audio calls when video calls aren’t possible
  • Capability to invite everyone to your meetings or send calendar invites even to those outside of your organization
  • Responsive, 24x7 support

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