Webinar WatchGuard TDR – February 25th, 2020

Webinar WatchGuard TDR – February 25th, 2020



Hackers are designing malware to be more sophisticated than ever. Through packing, encryption, and polymorphism, cyber criminals are able to disguise their attacks to avoid detection. Zero-day attacks and advanced malware easily slip by antivirus solutions that are simply too slow to respond to the constant stream of emerging threats. Organizations of all sizes need a solution that leverages a holistic approach to security from the network to the endpoint. WatchGuard Threat Detection and Response (TDR) is a powerful collection of advanced malware defense tools that correlate threat indicators from Fireboxes and Host Sensors to stop known, unknown and evasive malware threats.

While the malware itself may look entirely unique, the network behaviors needed to facilitate the attack follow common and predictable patterns. If your security solutions are operating in silos, there would be no way for the network to know what’s happening on the endpoint and vice versa, which could leave you vulnerable to this dangerous threat.

For this reason, analyzing network and endpoint behaviors in tandem provides a powerful means of identifying and stopping never-before-seen malware. Threat Detection and Response makes this possible.

Join us Tuesday February 25th at 2pm


Luckily, we here at Verteks have partnered with WatchGuard Technologies to bring you Threat Detection and Response (TDR.) The UTM Total Security Suite, TDR combines four key technologies for correlated security, including:


Cloud-based threat scoring and correlation through ThreatSync


Endpoint ransomware protection with Host Ransomware Prevention


Endpoint visibility via the Host Sensor


Enterprise-grade Threat Intelligence

Join Don Gulling CEO of Verteks Consulting and Stephen Sotelo Sales Engineer from WatchGuard Technologies for a live demo of WatchGuard TDR and learn how to stop threats in their tracks.

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