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Seamless collaboration is now more important than ever. With Verteks Consulting’s innovative Lifesize conferencing technology solutions, you can connect to everyone in your team with less effort and more results.

Lost production hours, poor phone transmission, and overall failed meetings are a thing of the past when you collaborate with Lifesize’s powerful web-based audio and video conferencing devices.

Cutting-edge conferencing technology

Lifesize App


Make room for everyone in the team… on your screen. With a few clicks of a button, you can host clear video calls using Lifesize’s cloud-based application, no matter the participants’ locations.

Lifesize® Icon™ Series


Simplify your meetings with high-quality conference room camera and phone systems designed to meet the most challenging teleconferencing requirements.

Lifesize Phone™ HD


Your business’s prayers for chaos-free conference calls -- web, audio and video calls -- are answered.

Why choose Lifesize?

With Lifesize’s advanced conferencing technology, small- and medium-sized businesses get:

  • Simplified user experience with an intuitive interface
  • Enhanced call efficiency on various devices and platforms
  • Easy backend management
  • Automatic software and hardware updates
  • Responsive 24x7 support
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Cloud technology-supported meetings
  • Significantly lower total cost of ownership

Lifesize® App
Secure, simple, flexible


When you use Lifesize’s video, audio and web conferencing technology, you don’t just talk over your team members -- you communicate.

Whether your company relies on one-on-one audio and video calls or global company-wide teleconferences, the Lifesize app makes every single meeting clear, smooth, and easy. Lifesize’s smart app has an intuitive interface and handy functions like screen sharing and calendar integration -- which easily syncs with calendars from Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Work, or Microsoft Exchange Server 2013.

Benefit from the following Lifesize App features:

  • Secure and seamless connection on various desktop, mobile, browser, and web app devices
  • Interoperability with other apps means more flexibility and convenience
  • User-friendly dashboard that lets you conveniently manage your directory, remove unused meeting rooms, and customize features
  • Enterprise-level security keeps your conferences safe from intruders
  • Intuitive recording and web conferencing screen sharing functions
  • Audio conferencing capable of connecting 50-way audio calls when video calls aren’t possible
  • Capability to invite everyone to your meetings or send calendar invites even to those outside of your organization
  • Responsive, 24x7 support

Lifesize Icon Series
Set up a meeting space in minutes


Lifesize’s high-quality video conferencing systems simplify video conferencing. No complicated wires, no expert IT technicians needed, and best of all, no more embarrassing malfunctions. Just connect the device to your TV and the internet, and begin your conference calls.

Huddle Rooms and Small Meeting Spaces

  • Smart-framing sensor capable of capturing all participants
  • Integrated pan/tilt/zoom camera
  • Wide-angle lens with 80-degree horizontal field of view
  • Auto-focus / auto-gain
  • Single-display support
  • Automatic updates
  • Lifesize® Phone™ HD option
  • Lifesize app integration

Lifesize® Icon™ 450

Conference Rooms and Boardrooms

  • Lifesize Camera 10X with 10X optical zoom connectivity
  • Dual display support
  • Automatic updates
  • Lifesize Phone HD option
  • Two audio expansion inputs for large rooms
  • Lifesize app integration

Lifesize® Icon™ 600

The unmatched 4K cloud video conferencing experience

  • Full-motion 4K content sharing and stunning 4K video quality
  • Opus audio, perfectly tuned for human speech
  • Intuitive touchscreen control
  • Reduce tabletop clutter and manage Lifesize audio, web and video calls
  • Powerful 20x zoom and rich camera optics provide incredible image clarity
  • Compact form factor with integrated pan/tilt/zoom 4K camera fits easily on a credenza or wall mount
  • With dual display support, share your presentation and engage with active video participants in the meeting

Lifesize® Icon™ 700


Lifesize® Icon™ 800

Auditoriums and All-Hands Meeting Spaces

  • Secure, rack-mountable design
  • Dual display and four 1080p video input support
  • Up to seven audio inputs support for integrated audio environment
  • Lifesize Camera 10X with 10X optical zoom connectivity
  • Automatic updates
  • Lifesize® Phone™ HD option
  • Lifesize app integration

Lifesize Phone HD
Smart device, smart connectivity


Enjoy crystal clear audio, video and web communications with Lifesize Phone HD.

Make calls and set up conference calls on your own terms, with Lifesize’s high-definition smartphones. Take control of your audio, web and video conferencing capabilities by setting up meetings via the Lifesize Cloud which allows you and your participants to customize your conference call interface based on your preferences

Here’s what you can do with Lifesize Phone HD:

  • Make calls, share your screen, control the camera, and launch a meeting calendar with the device’s intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Enjoy greater call clarity with HD wideband audio
  • Expand your microphone’s input range
  • Centralize directories across several devices
  • Use smooth pan/tilt/zoom onscreen camera controls to focus on specific participants in a meeting room
  • Add and modify local audio dial-in numbers numbers for over 50 countries

Verteks Consulting and LifeSize are ready to answer all your questions on enhancing your conference room meetings, and audio and video conferencing calls for your small- or medium-sized business.

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