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I can absolutely recommend Don Gulling and the entire team at Verteks Consulting. We co-source our IT with them. They are responsive, professional, smart, innovative and all around great to work with. You can trust them and that is very important to me.

Ocala Eye

I don’t consider Verteks a vendor, I consider them a partner, and they have been our partner for over 9 years. Anytime we have had a telecommunications need, Verteks has been more than capable at fulfilling that need. Being an Elections office, many of our needs cannot wait until tomorrow, and Verteks has always been extremely quick to step up, and do whatever is needed. Verteks is considered a very valuable part of our successful team.

Assistant Supervisor of Elections

We rely heavily on Verteks Consulting for all of our IT advice and support. We turn to Don and his team for help with just about everything we do here, from network management, to desktop management, to applications. Many times we just get them on the phone and they give us 10 to 15 minutes out of their day to be a sounding board. Things like that are invaluable. We’ve been working with Don and his team at Verteks Consulting for six or seven years, and I just can’t say enough good about their service. They do network support and support our VoIP phone system. They make recommendations and implement solutions for us. They’ve never steered us wrong, and I always know that no matter what the situation or what time of day it is, Don and the team at Verteks is there for us. I have complete confidence that I can pick up the phone, call them, and they will take care of whatever it is we need.

IT Manager

I learned early on that, as the owner of a business, there are several things I need to know how to do. Fixing computers is not one of them. When it comes to problems with the computers or the server, the first phone call we make is to Verteks. I always trust their judgment because they’re the experts – plus I know they have our best interests at heart.

Mangan Insurance

Verteks took the time to find out what we needed and what we wanted, and they were extremely thorough in helping design a solution for that. There are always numerous ways of doing things, and I was always really comfortable with their path for us — versus just giving us a system and saying, ‘Here, let us try and make this work for you.’ They got us up and running with no downtime. They scheduled the conversion for off hours to minimize the impact on our employees. They did a phenomenal job for us.

Vice President of Information Technology
Eglin Federal Credit Union

Everyone at Verteks was helpful and friendly, and our sales rep was really on the ball. That was an important factor in our decision to go with Verteks Consulting. They are very knowledgeable, and the project went off as planned. Verteks has always been on top of everything.

IT Manager
Rocky Bayou Christian School

It was one of the smoothest projects I’ve been involved with in a very long time. Very little stood in our way. We were very pleased with the way the Verteks team implemented the ShoreTel system — and their customer service was just outstanding.

IT Director
Lake Medical Imaging

With the solutions I have from Verteks, I don’t have to worry about my data. It’s the exact solution I had in mind but I thought it would be difficult. Yet Verteks had it implemented in a short amount of time. I would have had to research all of these new technologies, but Verteks has implemented these solutions already. That kept us from experiencing the rough patches that often come up in a project of this scope. On top of that, they monitored our existing environment and took care of many issues that came up. There wasn’t any additional charge — it’s just part of what they provide. We touched everything — servers, storage, security — to get down to a smaller, cost-effective hardware footprint. Verteks made it all work seamlessly without interrupting our business. I’m very pleased.

Director of Corporate Support Services
Bailey Industries

When we opened, we weren’t completely comfortable with server virtualization. Now we have converted our data center from physical to virtual servers. In a traditional environment we would have 15 physical servers at this location but with virtualization we have five. Verteks helped us implement an HP storage area network that allows us to run our virtual servers off of one appliance. That has helped us a lot. And Verteks definitely has met our expectations when it comes to price and value. I have dealt with a number of their techs and they all are very capable.

IT Director
First Green Bank

We’ve had continuing services agreements with Verteks for many years, and I can’t place enough emphasis on how important that relationship is. I’m not a tech person, but the Verteks engineers will sit down and explain everything in layman’s terms and point out the pros and cons of all possible solutions. They help me understand what’s going on so I never go into a project feeling like I’m behind the eight ball. They are the ultimate professionals — one of those companies that goes above and beyond. They recommend solutions, and have given us lots of great ideas about how we can save money. I know they will always provide that value-added service that is so important. I can honestly say they care about the customer.

Purchasing Director
City of Eustis

They team at Verteks is fabulous. There wasn’t any issue they couldn’t handle. Our users are very happy. We’ve received more unsolicited positive feedback about the ShoreTel phone system than any other thing we’ve done in the last five or six years.

Chief Information Officer
St. Johns River Water Management District

The Verteks co-managed solution allowed us to legitimately offer IT help desk support and assign specialists to manage many complex system needs. They helped us to identify weaknesses in our IT support workflow and turned our ticketing system around. We now have a predictable annual work cycle of projects that allow us to get the job done more effectively. As IT Director, I consider their team as a brain trust for our campus. Their team will continue to help us steer Meadowbrook IT to match the pace of our growth.

IT Director
Meadowbrook Church and Academy

You and your team have earned our trust and confidence with the quality of the installation and responsive support. We are very pleased with your service. It is a pleasure to work with a partner like Verteks who puts such an emphasis on quality support. You've really helped us achieve our goals for telecommunications - on time and on budget. Your support staff, engineers, and help desk are all responsive, reliable and professional. I am glad to recommend you and your company to anyone looking for a communications systems partner. Please feel free to use me as an enthusiastic reference for you, your company, and the ShoreTel communications system.

Tax Collector
Marion County

Verteks Consulting provided us with a turnkey ShoreTel VoIP solution for all of our locations, and we couldn’t be happier with the system. I would highly recommend the team at Verteks Consulting and the ShoreTel product.

MIS Administrator
City of Pensacola

Our experience working with Verteks has been one of the best we have ever encountered as an IT organization. Working with Mike, Brian, and Scott has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure. These guys were quickly able to grasp the peculiarities of our environment (both technical and human-related!) and have worked with us to deploy in a way that best fits our needs, particularly with respect to user perception. Their patience with us, their willingness to help us even with issues that could be considered peripheral to the deployment, and their eagerness to work with our IT staff toward a successful project conclusion have been exemplary.

Information Security Manager
Pensacola State College

Verteks employees always go above and a beyond the call of duty and follow up to make sure everything is going great for me. They are great to work with, and they are an asset to our school district.

Walton County School District

We are an all female obstetrics, gynecology & infertility medical group in Central Florida. For our busy practice the Shore Tel system has proven to be phenomenal. It is easy to use and has many functions that are not offered by most of the competition we have seen for the price. One of the features we love is the call handling mode. This allowed us to eliminate an the use of answering service, which in turn saves us a huge amount of money monthly. The physician on call can hear the actual patient's message, as well as a verbal caller ID with phone number and time of call. We can customize the amount of time between calls to the doctor and the frequency. It allows us to have alternate numbers for the system to contact the doctor. I can't say enough good things about our Shore Tel phone system. The are so many other valuable features that assists us daily. It would take quite a bit of time to expand on them. I really appreciate the fact that I can access the system when I am out of the office and make changes.

We bought our Shore Tel system from Verteks Consulting and they have proved to be fantastic with their customer service, even though their location is about an hour away. I hightly recommend them.

Division Administrator
The Women's Centre for Excellence, Women's Care Florida