Is your company seeing a mass influx of laptops, smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices? Are you prepared for an invasion of wireless devices?


Ruckus Wireless offers a wide range of purpose-built Smart Wi-Fi products for both enterprises and service providers. Completely standards-based, these products are developed using our Smart Wi-Fi technology designed to increase the range, reliability, and performance of Wi-Fi. Its critically acclaimed adaptive antenna arrays use state-of-the-art signal control techniques to automatically adapt to RF interference and enable real-time selection of the best signal path for each Wi-Fi transmission, thereby delivering the best connection possible.

Enterprises are faced with the challenges of scaling their wireless network to accommodate bandwidth hungry applications, greater coverage, higher throughput, more users and wider mobility while keeping capital and operational expenditures to a minimum.

The Problem with Legacy Wireless Networks

Addressing the continued growth of wireless users and devices becomes even harder and more expensive when faced with hardware controller-based legacy wireless LANs. Hardware controllers have complexities and scale limitations and unfortunately the conventional method of scaling this type of network has been to add more single-purpose controllers, in other words, more and more hardware. Administration of the network becomes even more cumbersome with every piece of hardware that is added.

System Management and Control

Ruckus offers the industry's largest selection of control and management platforms, enabling customers of all types and sizes to choose the ideal fit for their particular scenario. Ruckus access points (APs) are interoperable with all architectures, so if your business or technical needs change, your APs can change with you.

Wireless Access Points

Ruckus offers a large range of access points to cover your very specific needs: from indoor to outdoor and mesh access points, from the most affordable to the very latest of the technology.


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