Security as a Service

Effectively Protect Your Business Network and Digital Assets

Verteks Consulting's security expertise, combined with the world's industry-leading cyber threat software is the best collaboration partner your business can have to protect your devices, network and digital assets.

What is Security as a Service?

Security as a Service is cloud security for security management solutions. The service allows you to configure, monitor and update security protocols in your entire infrastructure. This gives you full control of policies and rules across all your technology devices.

Traditional security solutions for businesses, such as virus protection and spam filtering, were typically delivered locally by devices with in-house responsibility to ensure that all security updates and policies were properly installed and maintained. More often than not, this approach involved upfront costs in hardware and ongoing expenditure for software licenses.


In today's data-driven era, cloud computing advancement is emerging in almost all aspects of IT. Security is one of the fastest industries to adapt cloud technology. Rather than managing security in-house, companies can now rely on Security as a Service, where solutions are delivered via a web browser from a cloud specialist provider.


We focus on a single thing: providing IT protection and security. We are always in search of modern security trends and risks, and react proactively to potential vulnerabilities.


Modern security systems don't just require expertise -- they also require resources. As your Security as a Service provider, we have the hardware and software resources so you don't have to spend more.


Our Security as a Service solutions deliver significant benefits regarding simplicity and improved access to advanced security features. These advanced features can be easily implemented across your entire infrastructure in one click.


We have flexible packages to suit your budget. You will save a lot of money with us, compared to investing in on-site security professionals, annual software license renewals, and physical hardware infrastructure.

With cybersecurity attacks becoming more sophisticated, businesses need broader threat visibility and more connected, multi-layered security defenses to prevent attacks and mitigate risks.

Verteks Consulting's Security as a Service offers several advantages to traditional methods, specifically: reducing security costs, establishing centralized management, and full-control of configuration. This gives small and medium-sized businesses access to the most advanced tools available.

Solutions from Verteks Consulting are easy, quick, and economical to implement.

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