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Everything-as-a-Service model allows organizations to pick and choose the IT resources they want and how they pay for them.

“Information technology is undergoing an inexorable shift from being an asset that companies own — in the form of computers, software and myriad related components — to being a service that they purchase from utility providers.

What’s Your Security Strategy?

Comprehensive planning will help organizations hunker down for the coming ‘cyber storm.’

Increasingly sophisticated cyber threats that exploit economic, social and geopolitical volatility create the perfect conditions for a “gathering cyber storm,” cybersecurity experts warned in January during the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Using Dark Web Insights for Proactive IT Security

IT security has always been a largely reactive endeavor: Monitor networks and systems in order to detect and respond to any threats that arise. But such an approach is inadequate given the increased speed, scale and costs of today’s evolving threats. According to Microsoft researchers, it can take less than 45 minutes for ransomware to infiltrate and encrypt an entire network — far faster than most organizations can mount an effective response.

Sticker Shock

Despite economic uncertainty, cloud costs are skyrocketing. Here are four ways to optimize cloud spending.

Following years of healthy growth, cloud adoption accelerated rapidly to accommodate pandemic-driven adjustments necessary to support the remote workforce.

5G Going Mainstream

New generation of cellular networks offers immediate business benefits as well as countless potential possibilities.

Cellular networks have transformed the way we live and work, but the most profound changes may be yet to come. Analysts predict fifth-generation (5G) broadband cellular networks will generate trillions of dollars in economic value over the next few years by resolving a host of business and societal challenges while establishing a framework for experimentation and innovation.

6 Suggestions for Improving Data Access Controls

On Aug. 9, 2022, two former Twitter employees we found guilty accepting bribes from Saudi Arabia in exchange for confidential information stolen from the accounts of thousands of users, most of whom are critics of the Saudi government. Authorities say the employees stole email and IP addresses, biographical information, log data and more, even though their jobs did not require access to such information.

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