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Joy For All Gift Drive

Please join us and donate to the 3rd annual “Joy For All Gift Drive” benefiting the teens and young adults in foster care in Marion county and surrounding areas.

There are almost 1,000 teens and young adults in foster care in our community – kids without the support of Mom and Dad in the home - these kids are often placed in homes with meager incomes, and often don’t have much Christmas cheer.

New Password Guidelines Balance Security and Ease of Use

In October, a Dutch security researcher claimed he was able to access President Trump’s Twitter account by guessing the password — “maga2020!” — after only six tries. Victor Gevers said that after he alerted U.S. cybersecurity officials, the password was changed, and two-factor authentication was added.

Network Security Is an Inside Job

Insider threats don’t have to be malicious to be costly. Employee workarounds and policy violations create significant security risks.

Remote work has brought many benefits to both employees and employers, but it has also heightened security threats.

PC Upgrades Pay Off

Keeping Windows 10 PCs up-to-date can help organizations reduce costs, increase productivity and improve security.

Is a penny saved really a penny earned? Not when it comes to running outdated PCs. Research shows that trying to wring the last bit of usefulness out of desktop and laptop computers ultimately results in maintenance, productivity and security expenses that far outweigh hardware replacement costs.

Say Goodbye to Adobe Flash Player

Say Goodbye to Adobe Flash Player

New Year’s Eve celebrations are likely to be tamer than usual this year due to social distancing requirements, but IT professionals everywhere will probably still break out the noisemakers and confetti. When the clock strikes midnight, they’ll finally be able to say goodbye and good riddance to the security-plagued Adobe Flash Player.

Study: Repetition Key to Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing awareness training is designed to educate employees about how to spot fraudulent emails and text messages designed to steal sensitive information and data. However, a new study by researchers from several German universities suggests the effectiveness of such training is short-lived.

4 Ways Contact Centers Can Improve Data Privacy

When asked why he robbed banks, the notorious thief Willie Sutton reportedly replied: “That’s where the money is.” Cybercriminals have a similarly simple motivation for targeting contact center operations — they have the best data.

Contact centers capture, store and process huge amounts of sensitive customer data such as Social Security numbers, payment card data, account numbers and purchase histories.

What’s Your Best Choice for Cloud Storage?

Storage has always been one of the more logical use cases for the cloud — it provides a cost-efficient and easily accessible environment with almost infinite scalability. The benefits have been particularly pronounced during the pandemic, allowing companies to ensure their mobile and remote employees can get the files they need, whenever and wherever they need them.

Can Your Firewall Inspect Encrypted Traffic?

Two-thirds of malware attacks are encrypted, driving the need for security tools that can detect these threats without performance lags.

More and more traffic traveling across the Internet is encrypted. According to the Internet Trends Report by venture capitalist Mary Meeker, 87 percent of web traffic was encrypted at the beginning of 2019, compared to 53 percent in 2016. Data from Netmarketshare shows that encrypted web traffic exceeded 90 percent by October 2019. A Google report puts the figure at 95 percent based upon the number of web pages using the HTTPS protocol loaded into its Chrome browser.