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Will Passkeys Finally Allow Us to Eliminate Passwords?

The password has been a linchpin of security for centuries but it is easily the weakest link in IT security today. As a result, organizations across the globe are stepping up efforts to eliminate passwords once and for all. More than two-thirds of respondents to a Forrester Research survey say they are in the process of adopting passwordless authentication for their employees and partners.

Eliminating Cloud Waste

Companies squander billions on overprovisioned and unused resources. A cloud management platform can help.

Almost all U.S. companies now use cloud services or applications. Shockingly, almost all of them are also wasting money in the cloud.

Several recent studies reveal that companies worldwide are squandering billions of dollars each year due to overprovisioned and underutilized resources.

Cryptojacking on the Rise

Skittish ransomware gangs looking for easier paydays help drive the recent uptick in illegal cryptocurrency mining.

Despite a precipitous drop in cryptocurrency values over the past several months, cryptojacking remains a growth industry for malicious actors.

Reduce Your Risk of Data Loss with Continuous Data Protection

A new study reveals that critical shortcomings in standard data protection strategies are putting organizations at increased risk of downtime and data loss. IDC researchers report that an alarming 93 percent of organizations across North America and Western Europe suffered a data-related business disruption during the past 12 months with nearly 60 percent experiencing unrecoverable data loss.

Why Companies Are Investing in Customer Experience Technologies

In times of economic uncertainty, business decisions get tougher and spending is scrutinized. But many organizations agree that it makes good sense to invest in customer experience (CX) technologies.

According to Metrigy’s Customer Experience Transformation 2022-23 report, more than half of companies plan to increase their CX spending by 2023, with an average increase of 17.3 percent.

Managed Networks Increase Reliability, Efficiency and Innovation

Network reliability has never been more important. Organizations across all industry sectors are increasingly dependent on their networks to extend connectivity to highly distributed remote workers, cloud services, edge devices and IoT infrastructure. Meeting those demands often requires upgrading legacy hardware-centric networks to more cloud- and software-driven environments to accommodate growing volumes of users, devices and traffic.

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