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How to Maximize the Value of Server Virtualization

How to Maximize the Value of Server Virtualization

According to the “2018 Top 10 SMB and Midmarket Business Issues, IT Challenges and IT Priorities” report from Techaisle, virtualization is a top 10 IT priority for both small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and midmarket firms. That’s not surprising given that “budget constraints” ranked as the No. 1 IT challenge for SMBs and the No. 2 IT challenge for midmarket firms.

A Strong Relationship

Orlando Steel trusts Verteks to provide good advice and reliable technology solutions.

There are dozens of different metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of technology solutions. Organizations often base IT investment decisions on characteristics such as processing power, capacity, scalability, throughput, availability and more.

Embedded Communications

Communications Platform-as-a-Service is changing the way communications and collaboration services are delivered.

Remember when the phone system was a distinct piece of equipment that was managed by specialists? Those days are becoming a distant memory as more organizations adopt unified communications (UC) solutions.

Smarter Security

Threat intelligence provides the actionable information organizations need to enhance their security strategies.

Most security tools are designed to detect and defend against specific types of cyberattacks. Firewalls allow only trusted traffic to flow through, while intrusion prevention systems examine data packets and drop those that appear to be malicious.

Why Outsourcing Security Is the Best Choice for SMBs

Why Outsourcing Security Is the Best Choice for SMBs

Most small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are aware of the dangers of cyberattacks, and many are purchasing security tools in an effort to beef up their defenses. But is that enough?

Suppose you decide to invest in a state-of-the-art firewall, encryption software and other security tools.