Quorum – Instant Data, Application Recovery

Quorum onQ Disaster Recovery Solutions

Easy Continuity & Comfort

  • One-Click Recovery™ system
  • One-Click Testing
  • Replicates anywhere—compressed & encrypted
  • Protection for storage, system & site failures
  • Integrated server monitoring
  • Email and text alerts
  • Scheduled email health reports

Data Protection & Recovery

  • Full local backup of entire system
  • Supports physical and virtual servers
  • Sub file-level incremental updates
  • Global deduplication at source
  • Powerful exclusion rules
  • Restore to any snapshot level
  • File-level recovery to any snapshot level
  • Windows Share Restore
  • Exchange Mail Restore

Flexible Deployment

  • Local, Remote or Both
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Internal and External storage
  • No GB or monthly storage charges
  • Supports all apps without add-ons

Quorum’s onQ Hybrid Cloud (Disaster Recovery as a Service) Solution

The Only One-Click Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution (Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service)

Your critical applications are ready-to-run (or test) at a moment's notice, while safe and secure in world class SAS-70 certified data centers. The onQ Hybrid Cloud Solution (DRaaS) is an extension of our award-winning and patented onQ™ High Availability (HA) appliance solution that provides everything a small to mid-sized company needs for immediate One-Click Recovery™ of all their critical systems after any storage, system or site failure. Our Solutions maintains up-to-date, ready-to-run virtual machine clones of your critical systems that can run right on the appliance, or in the cloud, transparently taking over for failed servers within minutes.

Unlike a typical backup-only cloud storage solution, the hybrid cloud solution can run servers locally or through the cloud. The onQ recovery time is measured in minutes not days. There is no need to ship new hardware to restore applications. It is done with a click of a button. Your business can be up and running in a matter of minutes in the event of a disaster.

Secure Cloud Solution

All data transferred from the High Availability (HA) to the Disaster Recovery (DR) will go through a 128 bit AES encrypted session behind a 256bit AES VPN tunnel that is connected directly from the HA appliance to the DR Cloud solution. There is a dedicated virtual firewall isolating each individual custom virtual network. All connections to the DR appliance or the DR recovery nodes are via VPN to that firewall.

Automatic Testing

Unlike other cloud data backup solutions, onQ is a current virtual copy of any server - always on and ready-to-run. Additionally with onQ, daily tests are performed automatically on the servers. Because of cost and complexity, these tests are most often not ever performed with traditional back-up cloud solutions.

The data centers that will be hosting your applications are world-class, state of the art, and SAS-70 Type II certified. The data centers have been built with unmatched attention to ensure the highest performance, safest and most stable environment possible.

Quorum onQ Appliances High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions

onQ's flexible deployment options let you tailor a solution to your needs. Whether you have 2 or 150 servers to protect, at one or multiple sites, onQ can be configured to meet your needs.

A Disaster Recovery Solution means that you won't be down for more than a few minutes. Unlike conventional backup products which require recovery hardware and cumbersome, time-consuming processes, onQ gets you running again in minutes. With one click, you will be running up-to-date virtual copies of your protected servers right on the onQ appliance.

How It Works

onQ is typically deployed as a pair of plug-and-play appliances—one for your main office and one for your remote branch or co-location facility—your disaster recovery site. Simply plug the onQ™ local appliance into your production network, install our lightweight service on the servers you wish to protect and in minutes onQ™ will start protecting your critical business systems without even requiring a reboot.

onQ keeps up-to-date copies of all your operating system, application and data files on both the local and remote appliances - but, unlike conventional backup products, it also keeps ready-to-run "Recovery Nodes" standing by. If any (or all) of your protected servers fail, the Recovery Node can be started with a single click and have your business running again in minutes.

The entire process is totally automatic and doesn't require any additional hardware or software. onQ™'s incremental updates are extremely efficient, sending only the parts of any files that have changed, storing them in our repository for point-in-time file recovery and merging those changes into the Recovery Nodes. They are so efficient that you can keep months of snapshots that are as little as 15 minutes apart.

onQ appliances come packed with all the features you need for enterprise level Disaster Recovery Solution:

  • Full & incremental backups to the onQ™ appliance
  • Powerful de-duplication technology
  • Ready-to-run virtual Recovery Nodes
  • Data replication to remote site
  • One click 5 minute recovery - even for terabyte systems
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Recover files and messages in minutes


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