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Today's banks, credit unions and financial institutions must leverage technology in order to grow and compete. Verteks is a leading provider of technology products and services for Florida banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Our financial industry experience has taught us how important it is for community banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to have a trusted IT advisor that can provide advice and support.

Our Banking and Credit Union IT solutions focus on three primary areas:

Managed Network Services

Verteks is a proven, reliable managed services vendor for banks and financial institutions seeking to free themselves from the cost of provisioning, deploying, managing, and maintaining IT infrastructure and operations. Our managed services are fast, proven, and secure. Since the cost of infrastructure is shared across our entire customer base, our customers receive a rapid return on investment and protection from unexpected expenses. A simple monthly payment ensures safe, reliable IT solutions without extensive overhead or dedicated staff. We can be your bank's IT department - or we can backup your existing IT department. We provide onsite and remote support for your bank's computer network, and our help desk can serve as a single point of contact for your staff - no matter what the problem. Our trained and experienced engineers  provide phone and remote support, and we dispatch technicians to your bank to solve problems. We work closely with your existing IT providers to give you a fast, reliable, and secure computer network.

Phone Systems and Call Centers

In today's highly competitive and fast-evolving financial marketplace, banks and credit unions need to leverage their networking technologies like never before - and now that includes their telephone systems. That's why aging phone systems are increasingly giving way to converged voice/data systems that do a better job of strengthening customer relationships, optimizing productivity, and reducing operating costs. By replacing your old phone system with a ShoreTel VoIP solution, you can use versatile VoIP (Voice over IP) to enhance both internal and external communications. This powerful technology delivers all the performance and 24/7 availability of a traditional phone system. More than that, it links your phone system to your front- and back-office business processes with built-in support of the leading industry standards for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). You can immediately implement any of the system's wide range of built-in and optional applications cost effectively. One of the foremost benefits of a ShoreTel solution is the ability to connect multi-site banking organizations. Regional branches, headquarter sites, and dispersed call centers can all be easily linked - enabling seamless call transfers and improved customer service, while simultaneously reducing costs.

IT and Security Consulting Services

As your bank tries to navigate the complexities of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), the act has introduced a great deal more rigor in how banks and credit unions have to handle, manage, and secure their customers' personal information. In today's world much of our information is computerized, making information security a major component of GLBA compliance. As a QualysGuard Consultant, we're ideally suited to help banks, credit unions, brokers, dealers, and investment companies achieve compliance with GLBA quickly and cost-effectively. Qualys' flagship solution, QualysGuard®, provides organizations and auditors with an automated, on demand system to assess and reduce network security risks for protecting electronic information. QualysGuard also allows users to create GLBA-specific reports to measure and document ongoing security compliance efforts. Our trained engineers use the QualysGuard system to:

  • Discover and map all assets across your computer network
  • Assign a business value to all of your IT assets
  • Identify threats and vulnerabilities using the most comprehensive database in the industry
  • Seamlessly translate and export findings into relevant and usable reports for organizational and regulatory compliance

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