Wireless Site Surveys and Heat-Mapping Services

The most commonly overlooked phase in deployment of a new WiFi network is proper design and planning.

Below are some of the key points to consider for your company's wireless network planning and design:

  • The minimum number of access points required.
  • The estimated bandwidth usage for every device.
  • Confidence that access points will be positioned throughout the facility to provide optimal signal coverage
  • Assurance of optimal wireless network design configuration.

Verteks takes care of all of these important details via its Wireless Site Surveys and Heat-Mapping services. We can help you plan, implement, secure, and control your company's wireless network from the start.

Our Wireless site survey documentation includes:

  • Detailed information on the data gathered from the survey
  • Photographs of the location of all planned wireless equipment.
  • Maps of the WiFi RF coverage.
  • Details of RF interference.
  • A comprehensive list of WiFi Equipment needed for the solution.

Wireless Heat-maps are used to find the dead zones and to map the location of connected devices.

Why Verteks?

Verteks Consulting Inc. is well known to serve businesses of all sizes, having the expertise to provide the best solutions to IT challenges since 1996. Our IT experts have constantly demonstrated technical expertise and proven capability in handling wireless networking and other areas of IT Infrastructure.

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