IT Relocation & Network Office Moves

Moving your workplace to another location needs to call upon the expertise and resources of an effective IT relocation service company to ensure a smooth project for you, your staff and organization.

The key to moving IT offices is careful planning.

Verteks Consulting considers all of the factors involved in moving from one location to another. Our moving experiences led us to develop a multi-step process where all of the key points necssary are tackled and dealt with as soon as possible.

We create a timeline to show the feasibility of the relocation time schedules and help estimate the extent needed to fulfill each task. We will coordinate with you to plan and design the new office layout while preparing to set up a new network for the office. With proper coordination, we can assign the critical tasks to our moving personnel, and contact further help if needed.

Strategic IT office movers

Verteks Consulting has the ability and resources, to plan and deploy your upcoming relocation to the best of your expectations. As a consulting company, we had several experiences in moving our own and client's offices then setting up their IT network in the new location. Our experiences in moving and relocating can help your business relocation happen quickly and efficiently.

  • IT Infrastructure Consulting

  • Computer Relocation

  • Server Relocation

Verteks Consulting combines planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business thrives and all systems are working even after the relocation.

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