Windows 7 End of Life

Since the time it was launched, Windows 7 had been an outstanding OS to work with. But after 10 years of excellent service, support unfortunately is coming to an end.

Windows 7 End Of Life Solutions

Today, businesses, practitioners, and home users still run Windows 7 for everyday routines and workflow. Its mainstream support already ended in January 2015. Microsoft extended it, but only until January 2020. When your Windows 7 PC reaches the end of support in January 2020, you may still use it, but there will be no more technical support for any issues, software and security updates. Keeping your operating system's secuirty intact and up to date is of utmost importance with the amount of personal data we keep on our computers today.

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If you liked Windows 7, you’ll be at home with Windows 10!

Change might be difficult, but we're here to help you!

Verteks Consulting will assist you and your organization to switch to Windows 10 or other versions of Windows. We are your IT partner with the knowledge and experience to ensure your technology is working for you. You'll be able to realize the benefits of using Windows 10 and future additions to its program.
Our goal is to enable our clients full confidence in their IT systems while lowering the costs.

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We can assist your organization with your Windows 7 End Of Life issues and a proactive strategy to ensure your operating system is current. Don't wait until an issue strikes after Windows 7 reaches EOL, upgrade your Windows OS today!

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