Cyber Security

Today’s security threats are rising in number, complexity and diversity. Keeping your data and network safe from harm requires a comprehensive security approach that includes real-time, layered protection, mobile security and multi-level encryption. Verteks’s Security solutions give you all these and more.

Our highly trained cyber security specialists will work with you to develop the best data and network protection strategies for your business.

Verteks’s Security solutions offer:

  • Security assessment - get a comprehensive system audit to close all security loopholes
  • Antivirus software - identify and eliminate suspicious files before they enter your system
  • Firewall - block unauthorized access to your network
  • Virtual private networks - access your networks securely from virtually anywhere
  • Content filtering - limit employee access to questionable websites to mitigate risks
  • Regular reports - gain an overview of your company’s security health

When you let us take the reigns on your data and network security, we will equip your systems with the best protection we have to offer. We take the security of your IT very seriously and will keep downtime-inducing threats, such as viruses, malware, worms, trojans, and spam from entering your networks.

Don’t take chances when it comes to cyber security.

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