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Cloud computing is an emerging technology that helps businesses quickly improve service capabilities without the need to spend money on buying new infrastructure, licensing software, or training staff.

Leverage the cloud's abundant computing resources and reach greater heights on your business productivity with the support of our cloud computing consultants.

There is a lot of hype surrounding cloud computing and understanding all the intricacies of this technology isn't completely necessary. You just need to know how cloud computing can transform your business model, reduce costs and keep your data more secure.

We offer cloud computing consulting, migration and support services to businesses. We will assist you in setting up your new cloud servers so your business can fully reap the valuable benefits. We will see to it that the new cloud servers will sync into your existing systems as intended, and are capable of handling the volume of processes your organization requires.

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Benefits of using the cloud are as follows:

  • Flexible Facility
  • Greater Security
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Easier Management
  • Greater control on data
  • Lesser energy costs


A cloud consultant's services would be great for small businesses that do not have a formal IT staff but have big business needs for communication, collaboration, and computing.

We partner with different cloud providers.

Major cloud providers are financially-backed up, with guarantees that give you a money-back if the product commitment was not fulfilled. Verteks Consulting maintains a great partnership with these cloud providers to assure your business has a reliable source of computing resources.

Our Cloud Consultants and Support teams are always ready to assist with your pressing IT issues or concerns. Our Certified engineers are ready 24/7, on-site or remote.

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