In-depth look at the Ruckus Analytics – September 8th at 10am

In-depth look at the Ruckus Analytics – September 8th at 10am

Network troubleshooting is often too reactive—by definition if a user is already having trouble, you are reacting to something that has already occurred. Often IT lacks visibility into what’s really going on in the network. Modern networks generate a lot of data, but lacking the proper tools, making sense of it can be a real challenge. It’s also hard to demonstrate to others in the organization the state of network operations. With the right tools, these problems are not so difficult to solve.


During this webinar we will have special guest Terry Henry from Ruckus to give an in-depth look at the Ruckus Analytics and its machine learning techniques.

Join us Thursday September 8th at 10am



Introduction to RUCKUS Analytics Machine Learning Algorithms Live Demo

  • Incident Reporting
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Network Health & SLAs
  • Occupancy Analytics
  • Service Validation
  • Client Troubleshooting
  • Virtual assistant Q&A

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