Every Company Can Benefit from Call Recording Software

The next time you’re sitting in a company meeting saying “our customers are asking for this change” or “customers would benefit from this feature,” imagine how much more impact you would have with a recording of your customers own voice. With CallRex Call Recording software, you can quickly bring the voice of the customer to more people within your organization.

Call Recording is often associated with large contact centers and hold messages saying “your call may be recorded for quality purposes.” But call recording can benefit companies of all sizes. The evolution of the call recording market and the introduction of flexible pricing plans has lowered the cost of entry to mission-critical applications, making them available to companies of every size.

Now, your company can have the ability to maximize every customer interaction, training agents on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities using “real-world” conversations, as well as documenting the customer experience. CallRex software allows companies to export calls in a standard .WAV recording format, which can be played back in any standard desktop media player. The compact files can be attached to e-mail, included in CRM records, or saved locally on desktops.

Dispute resolution and legal liability issues stretch beyond the contact center as well. One Telrex customer, Evergreen Professional Recoveries, immediately benefitted from call recording technology. When potential litigation issues arise, managers can quickly search for call recordings and export them for use in common players. The ability to e-mail calls has saved tens of thousands of dollars for Evergreen Professional Recoveries, as the calls can be used to clear up the “he said, she said” situations before issues go to litigation. “Call recording has headed off at least two frivolous lawsuits in the past three months, which would have cost us at least $10,000 in fees,” said Ken Ross, CEO of Evergreen Professional Recoveries.

Call recording and other technologies allow your customers’ voice to be leveraged across your organization, bringing accountability and better customer experiences. From dispute resolution to covering legal liability, call recordings can allow companies to operate more efficiently and to cut costs. Allowing the “voice of the customer” to be heard across the silos can benefit everyone in your enterprise. To learn more about how your company can benefit from CallRex Call Recording software, contact your preferred reseller or visit www.telrex.com.

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