Collaboration Security

Organizations should take steps to minimize the risk associated with collaboration tools.

Mobile workers and geographically dispersed teams need collaboration tools to share information and stay engaged. Unfortunately, collaboration tools can create security and regulatory compliance risks.

Automated Attacks

Malicious artificial intelligence applications are creating dangerous new cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity analysts warn that the malicious use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will bring fundamental changes to the threat landscape in the next few years.

Improving Data Quality

Good governance is the key to realizing the full business benefits of big data initiatives.

Data is the coin of the realm for businesses today. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are embracing technologies that allow them to analyze massive data sets in order to gain market insights, optimize operations and create personalized customer experiences.

Meeting Today’s Customer Demands

Contact centers based upon unified communications platforms can deliver a true omnichannel experience.

The traditional call center is essentially a telephone system with call routing and other features that enable multiple agents to handle incoming and outgoing calls.

The Art of Network Security

Security assessments can help organizations win the war against cyberattacks by identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.

Sometime in the sixth century B.C., Chinese general Sun Tzu wrote one of the most successful books on military strategy. In it he states that strong leadership and sound planning can result in victory over a superior force.

Best of Both Worlds

A hybrid cloud enables organizations to gain the agility of the public cloud while maintaining security and control.

Public cloud or on-premises data center? That has been the conundrum organizations face as they seek to leverage the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud while addressing security, privacy and performance concerns.

Strength in Numbers

Boost IT security with a layered approach featuring a combination of tools and solutions.

Elephant calves in the wild are protected by the herd, which will circle the calf in order to fend off lions, hyenas, crocodiles and other predators. The huge size and coordinated action of the adult elephants creates a defensive ring that successfully discourages attacks.

Network Insight

Robust monitoring solutions provide commanding view of network operations. 

In ancient Norse mythology, the god-king Odin presided over the universe from a magnificent golden throne — a towering perch with a view of the entire cosmos, which allowed him to see everything that happened among gods, giants, elves, dwarfs and men.

Server Deadline Nears

Microsoft offers multiple cloud- and premises-based upgrade options for Windows Server OS.

The end-of-support deadline for the Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is rapidly approaching. After Jan. 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provides automatic fixes, updates or online technical assistance, nor will it fix any vulnerabilities discovered after this date.

Artificial Intelligence

Transcending fantasy, AI concepts expanding into real-world usage.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is usually associated with human-like computers such as Isaac Asimov’s positronic robots and the Star Wars droids. In truth, AI has moved way beyond the realm of fantasy and into the mainstream thanks to a range of new products, technologies and applications.