Old Threat Makes Comeback

Surge in SQL injection attacks points to the need for intrusion prevention systems to protect applications and sensitive data.

Used by cybercriminals for more than 20 years, SQL injection is one of the oldest forms of web application attacks around.

Enabling Remote Access

Employees working from home need remote access, but what’s the best way to provide it — RDP or VPN?

You can’t blame IT managers for wanting to lock down access to the network, given the endless barrage of sophisticated security threats they must attempt to thwart.

Data Protection Wellness Plan

Simple strategies to help get your backups into shape.

We know we’re supposed to eat right and exercise but putting that knowledge into practice can be a challenge. Unfortunately, the same holds true for data backups in many organizations.

Businesses without a sound data protection plan leave themselves vulnerable to ransomware and other cyber threats that can corrupt, destroy or deny access to critical information.

Protecting Remote Workers

Cloud-based security from WatchGuard, combined with end-user training, helps to prevent cyberattacks on devices outside the network perimeter.

Thanks to technology, many workers no longer gather in a specific location to get things done. According to a recent survey by CITE Research, 92 percent of organizations allow employees to work remotely.

The Significant Threat of Business Email Compromise

BEC scams cost companies millions in fraudulent wire transfers.

It’s late on a Wednesday afternoon and Joe in finance receives an email from the CEO: “Just signed a contract with a new supplier. Please wire $150,000 to this account ASAP. Thanks.” A bank routing and account number are provided.

Cooperative Tech Purchasing

Business and IT leaders now collaborate on difficult buying decisions. Third-party providers can help.

It wasn’t that long ago that IT departments were essentially technology fiefdoms, largely independent of the rest of the organization with a few key managers having almost total authority over operations.

Aging Firewalls Create Risk

Outdated perimeter defenses offer minimal protection from sophisticated new cyber threats.

Firewalls have been the linchpin of network security for decades, serving as the essential gatekeeper between internal network resources and the outside world.

Reliability Is Key

SMBs say reliability is the first thing they seek when choosing a cloud-based phone system.

There are a lot of good reasons for putting your phone system in the cloud. It saves capital costs, offloads much of the phone system management burden, creates access to advanced features and is extremely scalable.

Collaboration Security

Organizations should take steps to minimize the risk associated with collaboration tools.

Mobile workers and geographically dispersed teams need collaboration tools to share information and stay engaged. Unfortunately, collaboration tools can create security and regulatory compliance risks.

Automated Attacks

Malicious artificial intelligence applications are creating dangerous new cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity analysts warn that the malicious use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will bring fundamental changes to the threat landscape in the next few years.