Disaster Recovery – Is there a hole in your strategy?

Join Quorum and Verteks Consulting at one of our October Roadshow events to learn more about our backup / high availability and disaster recovery solution.

We dispute the conventional wisdom that disaster recovery has to be complex. It's not inherently complex, but when you buy software A and hardware B and use process C then you are making it complex.  And in the past decades in IT that is the only choice we had. We've been making the best of a bad situation.

Now things are different. Quorum is SIMPLE. ONE solution, in ONE box, restoring on ONE click.  You can keep the system at your site, or combine it with the cloud - giving you incredible flexibility.  There are no charges for bandwidth or storage - just one flat fee.  That is the power of an integrated hybrid-cloud solution

See the image below for our event locations and times - contact our account executives to learn more: info@verteks.com

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