Game of Thrones Cyber Scam

Beware of any email scam going on where you receive an email that looks official from your Internet provider. The email will say that you have violated HBO copyrights and illegally downloaded Game of Thrones. The email has a link to a website where they say you can pay the fine.

This is a scam - don't fall for it. This is a 'phishing' email sent by criminals and they would get your money, and have your credit card number and other identity details.
HBO has been strongly enforcing its copyright on Game of Thrones, and they have found and notified people that have illegally downloaded the material from file sharing and Torrent-type sites. It’s always a bad idea to illegally download any content because 1) it’s a crime and you can be caught and prosecuted and 2) you can be found by the copyright holder and it can be a very expensive and stressful situation.

But another issue is the cybercrime and infected files that go along with these sites - they are very commonly compromised and the content you download opens your PC and those on your network to outside intruders.

If you receive an email notice, and you want to confirm if it is legitimate, do not click the link in the email - instead navigate to the official site for these notifications and contact the real IP-Echelon directly which you can do here:

Link to IP Echelon

A final tip for business users / business owners - make sure your perimeter defenses are up-to-date and actively monitored, they will help to prevent these emails from reaching your users. Have a firewall like a WatchGuard with 'Advanced Persistent Threat' protection, have updated email filtering (anti-spam), and on your PCs have an endpoint protection (antivirus) system like Trend Micro's Worry Free Business Security.

If you need help with any of these, call our security team at Verteks Consulting or use our Contact Us Form.

Stay safe out there!

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