Gaining control of your network security using WatchGuard Dimension

Does your firewall have you swimming in a tidal wave of data? Stop drowning in oceans of data and go from zero to informed in seconds. Dimension is FREE with each WatchGuard Firewall and provides a suite of management and security reporting tools to get instant visibility to top-line security issues.

Join Verteks and WatchGuard to learn more about this incredible new solution and realize instant value from the WatchGuard's family of solutions.

Who Should Attend? - This is a great event for business owners, C-Level executives, managers, IT professionals, IT leaders, CIOs, network administrators, network security professionals and anyone that wants to learn more about WatchGuard next generation security technology.

What will be covered during this part of the series? – Using WatchGuard Dimension for big data visibility and reporting tools that instantly isolate and distill key security issues and trends, WatchGuard Network Discovery to see what devices are accessing your network, and WatchGuard Mobile Security to allow users to access the network with their own device while maintaining company security standards.

When and Where?

The webinar will be 9/1/2016 at 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

What is the cost to me?

This will cost you nothing other than your time and attention.

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