How AlienVault USM Improves upon Traditional SIEM

How AlienVault USM Improves upon Traditional SIEM

In the previous post, we discussed the recent uptick in adoption of security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, and why SIEM will continue to be a primary focus of IT investments for the next few years. SIEM provides visibility into all sources of security data across the network and integrates this data in a single solution. This makes it easier to analyze security data, address vulnerabilities, and manage security more efficiently.

However, the deployment and management of an SIEM system can be very complex. Organizations often struggle to set up and optimize data feeds, limit alerts to only legitimate threats, and efficiently investigate those threats. This has prevented many organizations from adopting or taking full advantage of SIEM.

AlienVault developed its Unified Security Management (USM) solution to simplify the integration of data from disparate sources and third-party tools, the research and writing of correlation rules used to identify threats, and the ongoing management of security data. AlienVault combines SIEM and log management capabilities with tools, making it possible to centrally monitor security across cloud, on-premises and hybrid cloud environments.

There are five essential security capabilities within the AlienVault USM solution:

  • Correlate and analyze security data from a single pane of glass to identify emerging threats.
  • Asset Discovery. Gain visibility into all assets and user activity across the network.
  • Vulnerability Assessment. Detect and assess vulnerabilities and remediate accordingly.
  • Intrusion Detection. Perform inspections of application traffic to protect network assets and systems.
  • Behavioral Monitoring. Identify anomalous behavior or activity that could indicate a system has been compromised.

Built-in SIEM software is constantly updated with correlation rules to accelerate threat detection, incident response and compliance management. AlienVault Labs feeds the latest security intelligence to the USM system, which uses advanced analytics to dig deep into security data. Powerful search and filter functionality allows you to quickly highlight certain pieces of data for use in forensic analysis, while ticketing and alarm tracking provide a comprehensive incident response workflow. AlienVault USM also features out-of-the box reports for everything from specific types of events and activities to compliance reporting.

AlienVault offers two delivery models – AlienVault USM Anywhere, which is a Software-as-a-Service solution, and the AlienVault USM Appliance for on-premises environments. USM Anywhere uses virtual sensors to monitor on-premises physical and virtual infrastructure, while lightweight cloud sensors natively monitor cloud environments. Data collection, analysis and threat detection occur in the AlienVault Secure Cloud. Available as a virtual or physical appliance, AlienVault USM Appliance is an all-in-one, easy-to-deploy platform that enables you to detect and respond to threats from day one. It includes the five essential security capabilities mentioned previously in a comprehensive, cost-effective system that eliminates the need to purchase and manage multiple point solutions.

Don’t let the complexity of traditional SIEM prevent you from enhancing security across your entire network. AlienVault USM with built-in SIEM provides you with a unified platform for threat detection and incident response and delivers the protection you need without the headaches.