Credential Stuffing Attacks Spike as Ransomware Payouts Drop

The Chick-fil-A fast food chain recently confirmed that it suffered a monthslong credential stuffing attack that compromised user accounts. The attack gave hackers access to the personal information and rewards balances of Chick-fil-A customers. The information was being sold on the dark web for up to $200 depending on the payment methods associated with the account and the rewards balance.

Adaptive Access Control Boosts Security without User Hassles

A World War II-era military intelligence technique has become an important element in modern efforts to boost IT security. The ability to identify distinctive keystroke patterns is part of a security strategy known as adaptive access control.

Army Signal Corps officers discovered that “dots” and “dashes” of intercepted Nazi telegraph transmissions had distinctive speeds and rhythms.

Using Dark Web Insights for Proactive IT Security

IT security has always been a largely reactive endeavor: Monitor networks and systems in order to detect and respond to any threats that arise. But such an approach is inadequate given the increased speed, scale and costs of today’s evolving threats. According to Microsoft researchers, it can take less than 45 minutes for ransomware to infiltrate and encrypt an entire network — far faster than most organizations can mount an effective response.

6 Suggestions for Improving Data Access Controls

On Aug. 9, 2022, two former Twitter employees we found guilty accepting bribes from Saudi Arabia in exchange for confidential information stolen from the accounts of thousands of users, most of whom are critics of the Saudi government. Authorities say the employees stole email and IP addresses, biographical information, log data and more, even though their jobs did not require access to such information.

How Trustworthy is Your Wireless Environment?

Nearly half of Americans say they couldn’t get through the day without Wi-Fi, according to a recent OnePoll survey. We suspect the other half just don’t fully comprehend how much they depend on the technology.

Pandemic lockdowns that forced most of us to work remotely led to remarkable changes in network traffic patterns.

Due Diligence Is Key to Thwarting Third-Party Threats

Most businesses today are highly dependent on goods and services from vast networks of third-party providers. Studies find that the typical company has more than 500 supply chain partners, although large multinational brands often have 100,000 or more. While these relationships create economies of scale and operational efficiencies, they also create exposure to a variety of cyber threats.

Achieving the Benefits and Resolving the Challenges of Edge Computing

Edge computing has been around for the better part of three decades, but it only entered the mainstream technology conversation a few years ago when it became a key enabler of Internet of Things (IoT) projects. While it remains essential for facilitating IoT initiatives, the edge model now has far more broad appeal with important use cases in practically every industry vertical.

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