Improve Threat Detection and Response with WatchGuard

In a recent post, we described many of the techniques that malware authors are using to disguise their attacks. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how WatchGuard Technologies uses data analytics to identify and expose these stealthy exploits.

As described in the earlier post, cybercriminals today employ code obfuscation, polymorphism and other techniques to create malware that can constantly change its identifiable features.

Office 365 Security – Top 5 Security Steps

Office 365 is a great cloud productivity suite that brings benefits to all its users – I use it myself and I love it. As with any technology it’s important to evaluate cyber security risks and take appropriate measures to reduce risk and improve security. Based on my experience and what we’ve seen in client engagements, here are my top 5 cyber security recommendations for Office 365:

Cybersecurity 2020: Focus on These Five Threats

As we approach the new year, information security consultants, analysts and futurists are once again attempting to identify the threats most likely to create damage in the coming months. While emerging threats such as AI-powered bots, deep-fake videos and 5G network attacks are among the trendy picks, a variety of old, familiar vulnerabilities will likely pose the greatest risks to businesses in 2020.

McAfee analysts claim that more than 300,000 new pieces of malware are created daily, but most of these are just tweaks of existing threats that are proven money-makers for cybercriminals.

Are You Confident that Your Cloud Data is Secure?

While early adoption of the cloud was driven largely by a desire to reduce capital expenses and management overhead, organizations are now moving to the cloud for strategic purposes. Users can be more productive because they have the flexibility to access cloud resources, collaborate with co-workers, and serve customers from any device and location.

How the Cyber Grinches Try to Steal Christmas

In the classic Dr. Seuss children’s story, the ill-tempered Grinch sets out to spoil Christmas for all the Whos down in Who-ville. Today, there are an abundance of cyber Grinches out there looking to make the holidays a lot less joyful for all of us.

It has become an unfortunate tradition that a variety of cyber threats spike during the holiday season.

As Humans Are Overwhelmed by Security Challenges, AI Comes to the Rescue

Most security breaches can be traced back to human error. Hackers know it’s far more difficult to defeat advanced security defenses than it is to trick a human into opening the doors and letting them in. If the doors aren’t completely opened, the keys are essentially handed to hackers when organizations fail to require complex passwords, turn on security features or respond to security alerts.

How Managed Services Reduce Risk and Keep Your Business Moving Forward

When it comes to performing day-to-day functions, serving customers, operating efficiently, and maintaining a high level of productivity, most small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are as reliant upon IT systems as large enterprises. If servers crash, applications stop working or slow down, or employees can’t access network resources, SMBs lose money and are forced to play catch-up.