Why Outsourcing Security Is the Best Choice for SMBs

Why Outsourcing Security Is the Best Choice for SMBs

Most small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are aware of the dangers of cyberattacks, and many are purchasing security tools in an effort to beef up their defenses. But is that enough?

Suppose you decide to invest in a state-of-the-art firewall, encryption software and other security tools. Do you have the in-house expertise to choose, configure, deploy and manage them? What’s more, the threat landscape is constantly changing. Tools must be monitored to detect signs of attack and updated as new threats emerge. IT personnel require continuing training on the latest threats and security technology. Security is an ongoing investment, not a one-shot deal.

Few SMBs have the staff resources or skill sets needed to maintain their security posture over the long haul. That’s why outsourcing to a managed security services provider (MsSP) makes good business sense.

Fact is, the scope and complexity of cybersecurity has made outsourcing a business necessity for many organizations. Installing antivirus software and occasionally warning employees not to open suspicious emails won’t protect your data or satisfy the growing number of regulatory requirements. Attacks are constant, attackers are persistent, and their methods are sophisticated. As a result, security and compliance require around-the-clock vigilance.

Outsourcing gives SMBs access to cybersecurity expertise without the expense of hiring trained experts. Because MSSPs are able attain economies of scale across multiple customers, they can provide cybersecurity services most cost-effectively than managing security in-house. By outsourcing, SMBs can get out of the security business and focus on core business functions.

Of course, not all MSSPs are created equal. Given the increasing importance of cybersecurity, many traditional managed services providers have added basic security services to their menu of options but don’t necessarily have the tools and experience to provide a complete solution. For example, these IT generalists may offer antimalware and antispam software but not provide content filtering, encryption, strategic planning, reporting and other valuable services. Partial coverage may give you a false sense that your systems and network are adequately protected.

When evaluating MSSPs, ask pointed questions about their cybersecurity capabilities. Do your research, contact references and get recommendations. Make sure the provider has the tools you need to protect and control access to your company data. The provider should also understand your business and regulatory requirements and have relevant industry experience.

Keep in mind that outsourcing doesn’t make you immune to cybercrime. What is the MSSP’s process and response time if a security breach occurs? Which tasks are your responsibility and which are the responsibility of the service provider? Carefully review the service level agreement and make sure you know exactly what to expect.

Verteks offers a full suite of security services that are managed by a dedicated team of IT experts. We begin with a comprehensive security audit to gain an understanding of the threats to your business and any holes in your defenses. We then customize a managed services plan to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Don’t wait until your sensitive data is compromised to consider outsourcing cybersecurity. Let us show you how our team of engineers and technicians can help optimize your IT environment and reduce the risk of a security breach.