4K Video Conferencing Has Arrived. Here’s Why 4K Should Be on Your Radar.

4K Video Conferencing Has Arrived. Here’s Why 4K Should Be on Your Radar.

Did you realize the term “high definition” was first used to describe televisions introduced in 1936? Of course, those TVs were only HD compared to earlier models that had as few as 30 lines of resolution. For the purposes of this article, let’s focus on modern HD technology.

First came 720p. Then came 1080p, which puts 720p to shame. Today, the new normal is quickly becoming 4K resolution, or Ultra HD, which delivers four times the pixels and, therefore, four times the detail of 1080p. Pixel columns and rows have jumped from 1920 x 1080 to 3840 x 2160 or even 4096 x 2160, which is the same resolution that you would see on a movie screen.

If you really want to see the difference between 1080p and 4K, look at a display that’s 50 inches or larger. The bigger the display, the more you’ll see the superior image quality of 4K resolution in terms of clarity, color consistency, black level response, contrast, smoother edges and depth. In fact, faster screen refresh rates enable 4K to display nearly as much depth as 3D, and you don’t have to wear the funky glasses.

Believe it or not, a handful of prototype 8K displays have been unveiled, but we’re probably years away from seeing affordable 8K products on the market.

As 4K enters the mainstream and prices continue to drop, organizations are looking to improve the quality of their video conferencing capabilities. 4K can deliver more impact and support more creativity, whether you’re sharing a multimedia presentation or walking a client through a product demonstration.

Imagine a conference between two people who are on opposite sides of the globe but feel like they’re sitting in the same room because of the real-life detail in the video. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospect and think about how impressed you would be if a sales rep used 4K video conferencing for an introductory call. Wouldn’t you feel more confident about working with or making a purchase from an organization if visuals were crisp, clear and realistic?

Lifesize, a pioneer in commercial HD video conferencing and collaboration, recently introduced its new global cloud service architecture and Icon 700 conference room solution. The Icon 700 is designed with industry-first 4K video conferencing capabilities and offers full-motion 4K content sharing.

With a zoom factor of 20x, the Lifesize Icon 700 delivers high-quality video in even the largest spaces. Native integration with an easy-to-use, field-proven cloud service enables live 4K video, while ultra-wideband Opus audio delivers exceptional audio quality that’s optimized for human speech. There are also a number of advanced features on the back end, such as login services, call routing, health monitoring and management tools. The Lifesize cloud and Icon 700 solution offer interoperability with endpoints from other vendors, providing admins with complete control of the solution from the camera to the cloud.

Verteks specializes in the implementation of Lifesize video conferencing solutions that enable users to connect with less effort and more impact. We assist with Integration of components from multiple vendors and tuning of the solution to ensure the highest possible quality. Let us show you how the Lifesize Icon 700 can enhance the quality of communication with 4K video conferencing.