Smart Technologies Improve Wi-Fi Performance and Reliability

Smart Technologies Improve Wi-Fi Performance and Reliability

As we noted in our last post, the work-from-home transition has dramatically increased wireless network workloads. As more people with more devices consume more bandwidth, Wi-Fi networks based on outdated equipment and legacy standards are experiencing more connectivity, performance and management issues.

There’s no expectation that these demands will subside anytime soon. Companies need a more flexible and scalable Wi-Fi solution that can handle unpredictable traffic spikes and deliver reliable service to growing numbers of locations, users and devices.

Verteks specializes in advanced Wi-Fi solutions that can handle the increased demand. Through a combination of innovative planning and design services and smart Wi-Fi technology, our certified engineers and technicians design and deploy solutions that meet business requirements with better coverage and increased automation.

Make a Plan

Because it’s a broadcast technology, Wi-Fi has always been a bit unpredictable. Any number of environmental issues can cause radiofrequency signal strength to fluctuate. Reflective surfaces, concrete, plaster and even radios and microwaves can create interference that can degrade or interrupt service.

As part of the planning phase, Verteks engineers sweep the environment with a spectrum analyzer to identify any sources of interference. Software-driven predictive site surveys provide an even clearer picture by creating 3-D models of the environment with network simulations and heat maps that give a visual representation of anticipated signal strength and application throughput.

The planning process also accounts for variables such as traffic patterns, load balancing, Quality of Service and other factors. This information is critical for determining the number and placement of access points (APs) to ensure appropriate coverage and limit interference.

Get Smart

Even with a great plan in place, Wi-Fi conditions will inevitably change. An office redesign might create physical obstructions. Even a rainstorm can degrade radio signals. APs generally don’t adapt to such factors, creating a signaling gap. A variety of smart Wi-Fi technologies from Ruckus Networks resolves many of these issues.

ZoneFlex APs embedded with a patented radiofrequency technology called BeamFlex+ continually monitor signal conditions, sense problems and make changes to optimize the signal — all without human intervention. Unlike most APs that use fixed antenna technology, either transmitting in a single direction or all directions at the same time, APs with BeamFlex+ have 21 high-gain, directional antenna elements that can create more than 4,200 unique antenna patterns to optimize reception for client devices. Dynamically configuring the Wi-Fi beam hundreds of times each second, BeamFlex+ can steer signals around interference and obstacles.

Ruckus controllers featuring SmartCell Gateways can support thousands of ZoneFlex APs with plug-and-play simplicity. Once it is turned on, the controller is immediately discoverable by all APs, which then self-configure and become instantly manageable. The gateways also automate many tasks such as radiofrequency management, load balancing, adaptive meshing and backhaul optimization.

FlexMaster is a full-featured management platform that enables administrators to set up, deploy, maintain and optimize the Wi-Fi network from a single dashboard. It automatically discovers all deployed devices in your Wi-Fi network, eliminating the need for tedious remote configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance.

SmartCell Insight (SCI) Wi-Fi analytics reporting engine helps organizations monitor the overall operation of the network. SCI interacts with APs and controllers to automatically collect, analyze and generate reports on key network metrics at 15-minute, 1-hour, or 24-hour increments.

Surging levels of wireless traffic amplify the unpredictable nature of Wi-Fi networks, creating operational and management challenges. Proper planning and the use of smart Wi-Fi technologies can eliminate many of these issues and deliver increased performance, range and reliability. Give us a call to discuss your particular needs and challenges.



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