5 Tips for Boosting Your Wi-Fi Performance

Worldwide Wi-Fi traffic has surged to record levels as business, governments, schools and hundreds of millions of people have become reliant on their wireless networks. The increased traffic volume has also brought performance challenges, with increased reports of dropped connections, slow downloads, increased interference and broadband restrictions.

Technology Considerations When Planning Your Business Relocation

Relocation could very well be an essential step in the growth of your business. If you’ve gone as far as you can go in your current market, you’re struggling to find talent that can take you to the next level, or you’ve simply outgrown your space, the answers to these problems probably can’t be found in your current location.

With WPA3, Wi-Fi Gets Long-Overdue Security Upgrade

Products featuring the latest version of the Wi-Fi security suite will soon be hitting the market. Devices that support the new Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) protocols will feature significant security upgrades, including stronger password protection, more robust authentication, and increased cryptographic strength for both public and private Wi-Fi networks.

Why Wi-Fi Analytics Is a Critical Business Tool in Hospitality and Retail

Reliable guest Wi-Fi has become a standard expectation for people visiting retail stores, hotels, restaurants, banks, office buildings and other commercial spaces. Customers expect to be able to research products, read reviews and share information. Guest Wi-Fi also creates opportunities for organizations to communicate with customers and deliver personalized offers.

Proper Planning Is Essential for Effective Wi-Fi

As wireless demands continue to increase, the focus of wireless LAN design is shifting from coverage to capacity. In other words, simply providing basic coverage in a defined service area is no longer sufficient. Organizations need to ensure that their Wi-Fi supports the current and future capacity and performance levels required by an increasingly mobile workforce.