Why It’s Time to Consider a Hosted PBX Solution

Why It’s Time to Consider a Hosted PBX Solution

Nearly a quarter of U.S. businesses continue to rely on the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) that has been in general use since the late 1800s. In 2015, however, the Federal Communications Commission established guidelines that would allow carriers to phase out the PSTN and transition to digital-only networks.

As businesses prepare for this transition, hosted PBX phone systems offer an extremely attractive option.

A hosted PBX is a cloud-based, virtual phone system delivered via an Internet connection rather than a privately managed call controller or server that businesses own, operate and maintain themselves. With all of the equipment and functions normally associated with an IP-PBX hosted by a service provider, it offers a relatively painless upgrade path for organizations of all sizes. That’s a big reason why Research and Markets analysts predict the global market for hosted PBX will nearly double in value by 2026, from $5.7 billion to $11.3 billion.

More Features, Less Complexity

Of course, a hosted solution isn’t the only option for making the transition. Some companies may prefer an on-premises IP-PBX that can provide greater control over the telephony environment, including the ability to develop custom features that meet specific requirements. However, organizations without in-house management expertise could wind up with a poorly performing system that does not meet their needs.

A hosted solution delivers all of the business-class telephony features of an on-premises IP-PBX without the upfront costs and management overhead. Customers are freed from buying and operating PBX equipment. They can simply use the service for a per-seat, per-month subscription, with the ability to grow the system as changing business conditions warrant.

Hosted voice delivers additional advantages through ease of administration. User-friendly interfaces and web portals make it easy for staff to maintain, update and expand the system. Portals also provide access to training and education modules to help you troubleshoot minor problems.

Around-the-clock monitoring by the provider typically ensures that performance issues are resolved rapidly. Additionally, the distributed nature of the Internet provides a high degree of service reliability. Auto attendants and voice mail generally remain operational even if Internet connectivity is lost, so organizations maintain a link to customers, employees and business partners.

One of the great benefits of a hosted solution is investment protection. Since the equipment is owned by the service provider, you are relieved of the risks of equipment obsolescence. Customers automatically receive new features and software updates, ensuring access to the latest functionality.

The Verteks Advantage

Verteks delivers additional flexibility with our portfolio of hosted solutions and services. In addition to the traditional cloud-based PBX, we offer an option that allows customers to continue using their traditional landline solution in tandem with the hosted service. If something goes wrong with the hosted phone service or you choose to discontinue the service, you can simply reroute calls back to your traditional landline.

We offer a number of additional services designed to ease your transition. For example, you can keep your current phone numbers to ensure you won’t miss any calls or lose any customer connections. Our service packages also include features such as videoconferencing, voice mail and call recording at no additional cost.

The traditional PSTN has delivered extremely reliable telephone service for more than a century, but it is nearing the end of its run due to functional limitations and deteriorating infrastructure. Hosted voice services offer an easy transition path to a highly flexible, feature-rich and cost-efficient communication network. Give us a call to discuss how our hosted solutions can help future-proof your essential business communications.

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