MiCloud Connect: A UCaaS Solution for the Long Term

MiCloud Connect: A UCaaS Solution for the Long Term

In response to pandemic-triggered distancing mandates, businesses across the globe moved quickly to adopt cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for their suddenly remote workforces. Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) adoption surged by 86 percent at the start of the pandemic, according to one survey of U.S. enterprise organizations.

While quick fixes allowed businesses to cope with the immediate crisis and remain operational, they were rarely optimal solutions. The need to move swiftly meant few organizations had a chance to evaluate, compare and vet a variety of solutions and make a choice that would best meet their business requirements.

As companies continue preparing for a post-pandemic work landscape, they need to re-evaluate their communications and collaboration requirements and implement solutions that will meet the long-term needs of remote, mobile and hybrid workforces. Mitel’s MiCloud Connect solution deserves a good, long look.

Anywhere, Any Device

The UCaaS solution is ideal for supporting employees during the ongoing workplace transition because it extends voice, chat, video, file sharing and other capabilities to employees regardless of their location or the devices they are using. Users gain a consistent experience across mobile phones, desk phones and desktop apps.

The mobile component is a particularly valuable element of the Mitel solution. Surveys find that roughly two-thirds of all workers use mobile devices for work-related tasks, and that number is likely to increase with the continued rollout of 5G wireless networks.

MiCloud Connect makes it easy for mobile users to access a full range of communications and collaboration features, without the need for any additional hardware. Users can access telephony, conferencing, instant messaging, video, collaboration, and contact center functions from a smartphone app with no loss of functionality. With just a tap of a button, users can join conference calls, video team meetings and find contact information for everyone in the organization’s system directory.

Users can also seamlessly move between communication channels as needed. For instance, you might contact a colleague or customer by text, but then decide you need to elevate the conversation to a voice call to ask follow-up questions or explain a complicated concept. Instead of ending the text chat and initiating a phone call, MiCloud Connect allows you to make that transition with the tap of a button. It’s similarly easy to bring others on board for an ad hoc meeting.

Collaboration Simplified

A range of meeting and collaboration tools are available to users through the Mitel Teamwork web and mobile app. By combining collaboration, video conferencing, desktop sharing and messaging capabilities into a single, unified service, it simplifies connections and improves cooperative working.

Virtual workspaces within Teamwork allow teams to create and assign tasks, set priorities, check progress and ensure everyone is kept up to date — from any place or any device. In fact, users can even join a meeting on one device and then pick it up on another. Personal dashboards for every user ensure they are always in the loop, alerting them to what activities require immediate attention.

MiCloud Connect also features application programming interfaces that enable mobile voice and messaging integration with key business applications such as CRM, ERP, salesforce automation and supply chain management. Other APIs and connectors allow integration with workflow management and compliance systems, giving IT departments more visibility and control over mobile communications.

As businesses continue to adapt to changing workplace models, the ability to collaborate and engage from anywhere on any device is critical for remaining productive and innovative while staying connected to colleagues, customers and partners. Verteks can help you further evaluate the MiCloud Connect solution to determine if it meets your long-term business requirements.

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