Transform obsolete fax technology into a powerful UC tool

In our world of digital photos, on-demand videos and ubiquitous e-mail, fax technology seems almost primitive. When sent via traditional methods, where one fax machine scans a document and transmits it to another fax machine which prints it out, faxes even present a multitude of problems:

  • Paper jams or a lack of paper can cause a transmission to fail.
  • Multi-page faxes can pile up on the machine – or spill to the floor.
  • Fax machines are rarely private, making it impossible to guarantee privacy for medical records, financial records and more.

If they are to be stored electronically, faxes must be scanned manually.

These problems, however, can all be solved with new technology that allows each person in an office – or even those in remote offices – to receive faxes directly to their desktop via email.

For our clients, we have recommended and installed FaxFinder. This all-in-one fax server provides distributed faxing capabilities over the corporate network. Inbound faxes are converted to either .pdf or .tiff files and delivered to an e-mail inbox or network folder. Or, they can even be printed on a network printer.

On the outbound side, users can send a fax through a Microsoft Office application (e-mail-to-fax) or via the FaxFinder web client. When a user is working in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook or another Office application, they can simply click the FaxFinder button in the menu. Then, they will be given options to create a cover sheet, choose a recipient from their Microsoft Outlook address book, and more.

With the FaxFinder web client, users can take advantage of advanced features that make it easier to get the job done. For example, multiple documents from various applications can be uploaded to create a single, large fax. In addition, when fax transmissions fail, users are informed via e-mail in a timely manner.

Other advanced features include:

  • Both inbound and outbound faxes can be archived in a shared network folder
  • Outbound faxes can require approval before being sent
  • Error correction mode creates fast and reliable fax transmissions

Best of all, each employee in the company can be provided with a virtual fax number. When the FaxFinder fax server receives a fax, it automatically routes the document to the correct location. This eliminates the risk associated with receiving confidential financial or medical faxes, which might cause security concerns if they are being sent to a traditional fax machine. No longer do recipients have to hover over the fax machine waiting for important documents.

Similarly, professionals who rely upon faxed documents to complete transactions or files now will have immediate access to electronic copies of the information. For example, real estate documents that can be received and stored electronically will make it easier for a mortgage broker or real estate agent to do their jobs.

Don’t let the hassles associate with a traditional fax stop you from offering this convenient communications technology to your clients and customers. Instead, update it with a more reliable, secure way of sending and receiving faxes.

For more information, visit the MultiTech site, or call our consulting department.  Current customers of Verteks Consulting qualify for a free 30-day trial of FaxFinder, call us at 877-VERTEKS to learn more.

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