Unified Video Conferencing: Deeper Relationships, Greater Efficiency

Unified Video Conferencing: Deeper Relationships, Greater Efficiency

If there has been one perceived drawback to advances in communication technology, it has been that emailing, texting and instant messaging has replaced face-to-face communication. As a result, relationships aren’t as strong as in the past. Thanks to the emergence of video conferencing as a core collaboration technology, this trend is being reversed.

With video conferencing, you can pick up on non-verbal signals, making collaboration as natural as if you were in the same room. Remote workers are engaged more frequently and no longer feel left out of the loop. Weekly department meetings that previously would require participants to block out significant to time visit the office can be replaced with video meetings that provide greater flexibility. Traditional employee onboarding and training materials can be enhanced or even replaced with video to improve the retention of information.

The high costs and delays of having people travel from different parts of the country or the world to meet in person are all but eliminated. In addition to making high-level meetings more efficient, video conferencing allows you to accelerate decision-making and shorten time to market.

Externally, customer interactions become more personal and impactful with video conferencing, whether you’re trying to close a sale, having a monthly check-in, or providing customer support. More face time with customers leads to deeper relationships, more loyalty and more sales opportunities.

Video conferencing was once reserved for board rooms, large conference rooms and auditoriums, where hardware can still be permanently installed to facilitate meetings, presentations and training sessions. But modern video conferencing applications can now be deployed on desktop and mobile devices, enabling users from any location to participate in a meeting with high-definition audio and video.

To take full advantage of the benefits, video conferencing should be integrated with other communication and collaboration tools. This includes voice, instant messaging, chat, webinar software, and tools for file sharing and screen sharing. Different people have different preferences when it comes to communication and collaboration channels. When these channels are integrated, you can maintain a history of interactions, ensure data integrity, and keep projects moving forward instead of backtracking to get caught up on interactions you missed.

LifeSize unified video conferencing solutions are designed to help your team connect with less effort and more results. LifeSize video conferencing is easy to set up and provides a simplified user experience through an intuitive interface, while enterprise-grade security and responsive 24x7 support minimize the risk of disruption.

There’s a LifeSize solution for every room in your facility, beginning with the LifeSize Icon series of meeting rooms cameras for huddle rooms, conference rooms and auditoriums. The LifeSize app provides you with access to video meetings in your pocket, allowing you to collaborate with one click. LifeSize can also integrate with your IP phone system, smart board and other video conferencing software to create a truly unified communications environment.

Video conferencing can be as much a part of your business processes as phone and email. Let us show you how LifeSize unified video conferencing can enhance the quality and efficiency of collaboration.