Address Surging Cybercrime and Skills Shortages with Managed Security

Address Surging Cybercrime and Skills Shortages with Managed Security

Unprecedented business, economic, social and geopolitical challenges are contributing to a perfect storm of cybersecurity risks, but few organizations have the resources necessary to deal with the fallout. As cybercrime reaches all-time highs, a new study finds that the global cybersecurity workforce must grow by 72 percent to effectively address the crisis.

According to the 2022 (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study, 70 percent of organizations report that they do not have enough cybersecurity employees to effectively defend their critical assets. Seventy-four percent of those say that staffing deficits increase their risk of a cyberattack. The nonprofit cybersecurity association says its survey data suggests the world’s cybersecurity workforce must grow from 4.7 million workers to 8.1 million to close the gap.

Attempts to address skills shortages with increased recruiting, training and mentorship efforts are having only moderate impact. In the recent Fortinet Cybersecurity Skills Gap study, 60 percent of organizations say they have trouble recruiting cybersecurity staff and 52 percent say they struggle to retain talent due to increased competition, retirement and burnout.

Under these circumstances, the value of managed security services has never been clearer. By partnering with a managed security services provider (MSSP), organizations that are struggling to attract and retain cybersecurity talent gain access to a broad range of expertise, tools and services.

Leading providers maintain a deep bench of specialists with top-level certifications and experience in a broad range of security-specific operational and management services. Common capabilities include patch management, firewall monitoring, threat detection, incident response, risk assessments and compliance management. Such services can be delivered in a variety of ways, including fully outsourced IT arrangements and co-managed models.

MSSP arrangements also deliver important cost benefits. Working with a provider reduces the need to make additional investments in security appliances, software and in-house skill sets, and helps maximize the value of existing tools. Additionally, MSSPs are able to leverage broad vendor relationships and economies of scale to reduce the cost of comprehensive network security.

Verteks has developed a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions designed to protect customers’ entire digital environment, from endpoints to the cloud. Here’s a sampling of services that can help you reduce risks resulting from skills gaps:

Assessments. A comprehensive assessment is critical for establishing a baseline evaluation of your current security posture. A series of internal and external network scans can help identify any security vulnerabilities as well as modifications necessary to mitigate those risks before an incident occurs.

Unified threat management. Our cloud-managed UTM solutions combine firewall, antivirus, antimalware, content filtering, DNS filtering, virtual private networking and other security functions in a single appliance that streamlines the process of building a layered security environment.

Threat detection and response. Our managed security information and event management (SIEM) solution collects real-time log data from a wide range of network hardware and software resources to automate detection and response.

Managed compliance. We employ sophisticated monitoring, management and reporting tools to help customers meet a variety of regulatory compliance obligations. Periodic infrastructure assessments, gap analysis, patch management, software updates, ongoing monitoring and incident forensics help ensure customers are prepared for compliance audits.

Dark Web monitoring. We continuously monitor and analyze millions of chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, malicious websites, bulletin boards and illegal black-market sites. If your sensitive information is ever listed on an illicit web site, we can alert you and advise you on how to take action.

All types of cybercrime are on the rise, but most companies lack the in-house skills to fend off the threats. Contact us to learn how our managed security offerings can help you weather the storm.

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