Relationships and Expertise Make Tech Resellers Valuable SMB Allies

Small to midsized businesses (SMBs) are the bedrock of the global economy, representing 99 percent of all businesses worldwide and generating approximately 70 percent of the global gross domestic product. While they are often the most vulnerable in times of economic uncertainty, most remain committed to making judicious technology investments that build long-term business resilience.

Managed Networks Increase Reliability, Efficiency and Innovation

Network reliability has never been more important. Organizations across all industry sectors are increasingly dependent on their networks to extend connectivity to highly distributed remote workers, cloud services, edge devices and IoT infrastructure. Meeting those demands often requires upgrading legacy hardware-centric networks to more cloud- and software-driven environments to accommodate growing volumes of users, devices and traffic.

Combat IT Complexity with Managed Services

The accelerated adoption of technologies such as cloud computing, automation and artificial intelligence creates enormous operational benefits for most organizations but also contributes to increased network complexity. More than half of IT professionals say they are no longer confident in their organization’s ability to effectively manage this complexity, according to a new SolarWinds study.

On-Demand Leadership

Virtual CIO services provide access to executive expertise necessary to drive IT opportunities.

To one degree or another, almost every business today is dependent upon technology. While smaller organizations may not require enterprise-class systems and platforms, they almost certainly are using communication and collaboration tools, networked computers, cloud services and a variety of applications.

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