What Exactly Is Managed Services Anyway?

The answer to this question depends upon who you ask. If you ask a vendor who claims to be a managed services provider (MSP), there’s a good chance the definition you hear will sound exactly the same as that vendor’s marketing materials.

If you ask the average small to midsize business owner or IT manager, their definition of managed services will probably sound a lot like the traditional break-fix model of IT support.

How Managed Services Reduce Risk and Keep Your Business Moving Forward

When it comes to performing day-to-day functions, serving customers, operating efficiently, and maintaining a high level of productivity, most small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are as reliant upon IT systems as large enterprises. If servers crash, applications stop working or slow down, or employees can’t access network resources, SMBs lose money and are forced to play catch-up.

Co-Managed Services Boost IT Efficiency

Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are eager to exploit emerging technologies, but staff limitations often frustrate attempts to launch high-level initiatives. Even companies with in-house IT staff struggle to keep pace with day-to-day operations much less accelerating technology change.