How the Cyber Grinches Try to Steal Christmas

In the classic Dr. Seuss children’s story, the ill-tempered Grinch sets out to spoil Christmas for all the Whos down in Who-ville. Today, there are an abundance of cyber Grinches out there looking to make the holidays a lot less joyful for all of us.

It has become an unfortunate tradition that a variety of cyber threats spike during the holiday season.

How Privileged Account Management Reduces Security Risk

In the previous post, we discussed the fact that many organizations are creating security risks by handing out local admin rights to too many users. The goal is to keep users happy by providing them with more control of their devices and reduce reliance on IT, but the convenience factor shouldn’t outweigh the security risk.

Improving the Customer Experience with Unified Communications

What do your customers want? Are you providing it? These may be the two most important questions any business can ask about its operations, but a new study suggests most won’t like the answers.

According to Forrester’s 2018 U.S. Customer Experience (CX) Index, the vast majority of businesses across all sectors don’t seem to fully understand what matters to their customers.