How MiCloud Connect with Teamwork Enhances Remote Collaboration

How MiCloud Connect with Teamwork Enhances Remote Collaboration

Successful organizations have always depended upon groups of people working together to maximize efficiency and solve complex problems. Team dynamics help create structure, encourage creativity, foster innovation and drive productivity. Research by Frost & Sullivan suggests that as much as a third of a typical company’s productivity can be traced directly to team collaboration efforts.

However, business collaboration has changed considerably in recent years, with teams becoming far more distributed, diverse and digital than they once were. With pandemic-triggered restrictions eliminating most in-person meetings, Gartner reports that nearly 80 percent of employees today use collaboration tools for work — nearly double pre-pandemic levels.

Not all collaboration tools are created equal, however. A new study published in the journal Nature Human Behavior finds that difficulties with sharing and receiving new information threaten the productivity of remote employees.

A Feature-Rich Solution

Mitel is simplifying the way remote workers share information with Mitel Teamwork, a powerful collaboration tool that is part of the MiCloud Connect platform. It provides a “virtual workspace” where team members can seamlessly collaborate with tools such as messaging, tasks, conferencing and file sharing.

It’s a highly versatile app. MiCloud Connect users can access Teamwork through either a web browser, desktop or mobile phone with the same Mitel credentials they use to sign into the Connect portal. The consistent experience across all devices enables a seamless flow of information among all team members. Plus, you can easily transition from one device to another in mid-conversation.

Other key features of the Teamwork app include:

  • Dashboard: A personal dashboard allows users to stay organized by delivering a highly customizable view of the business communications that pertain specifically to them. This tailored view helps them stay abreast of their projects, messages and other communications with minimal distractions.
  • Workspaces: Users can create virtual workspaces on a project-by-project basis, creating dedicated areas where team members can add messages, share files, assign tasks, hold impromptu audio and video conferences, and exchange personal and group messages. Workspaces can be private or public to ensure the appropriate team members or anyone within the organization are engaging.
  • File Sharing: Users can upload files directly to a workspace so team members can easily find and access documents from anywhere.
  • Tasks: Team leaders can assign tasks with due dates to team members. Additionally, they can view a workspace’s entire to-do list to determine workload and appropriate timelines.
  • Conferencing: You can join or initiate an audio or video conference call directly from a workspace. With a single click, team members can quickly join or start a conference and automatically launch the call from within their team workspace.
  • Messaging: Users can chat with all team members within a workspace or one-to-one through direct messaging. Users will be notified of unread messages and of any messages in which they are mentioned.
  • Mentions: You can get a team member’s attention by tagging them with @ mentions so they are notified of questions and comments within workspaces. The @all mention makes it easy to get the attention of every team member within a specific workspace to quickly address timely questions or concerns.
  • SMS Texting: You can send and receive text messages with clients and customers. Because texts are sent from your MiCloud Connect phone number, you can even use your personal mobile device without revealing the device’s number.

Effective team collaboration has always played an important role in any organization’s success. However, the rise of remote and hybrid work models has eliminated many opportunities for conventional in-person collaboration. MiCloud Connect with Teamwork provides organizations with a comprehensive and versatile framework for remote team collaboration. Contact us to learn more.

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