6 Tips for Limiting Your Risk of Ransomware Attacks

Much like the coronavirus itself, virus-themed ransomware attacks are spreading relentlessly. However, there are several relatively simple steps you can take to flatten the curve of these malicious campaigns.

Cybercriminals commonly launch attacks designed to play on widespread fear and uncertainty during major world crises.

Outlook Adds End-to-End Email Encryption

Email is perhaps the original “killer app,” an application so effective and easy to use that it sparked the rise of the personal computer and the spread of the Internet. Today it is the de facto standard for business communication with more than 4 billion email accounts worldwide generating nearly 200 billion messages every day.

Messaging on the Rise, but Email Remains Relevant

In a 2011 survey of more than 1,400 CIOs, more than half said they believed real-time communication technologies such as instant messaging and text messaging would overtake classic email within five years. That hasn’t happened, and may actually be even less likely today than it was back then.

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