A Matter of Time

In business for well over a century, George Mangan Insurance entrusts its IT needs to its longtime business partner — Verteks Consulting.

In a world of here-today-gone-tomorrow businesses, George Mangan Insurance is notable for its longevity. The firm has been serving the insurance needs of Ocala, Fla., residents and businesses since 1894 — longer than some of the well-known insurance providers it represents.

It makes sense that an organization with such a storied past would choose a technology provider that’s also in business for the long haul. For more than a decade, George Mangan Insurance has turned to Verteks Consulting for IT knowledge, service and support. The relationship is based upon the kind of trust that only comes through time.

“When Don [Gulling] first opened Verteks he came to me for insurance and we soon made Verteks our exclusive partner for automation. It has worked well ever since,” said Pat Mangan, president of George Mangan Insurance. “Don has a great staff. They’ve been very helpful and supportive of our agency.”

Expert Advice

In fact, Verteks Consulting’s experienced engineers serve as IT staff for George Mangan Insurance. By fully outsourcing its IT needs, George Mangan Insurance can focus on its core business and leave technology to the experts.

“I learned early on that, as the owner of a business, there are several things I need to know how to do. Fixing computers is not one of them,” Mangan said. “When it comes to problems with the computers or the server, the first phone call we make is to Verteks.

“As the owner of a business, there are several things I need to know how to do. Fixing computers is not one of them. When it comes to problems with the computers or the server, the fi rst phone call we make is to Verteks.”

To keep those problems to a minimum, the Verteks team takes care of all the regular maintenance and security updates on Mangan’s network. If equipment needs to be upgraded, Verteks provides valuable advice and invaluable expertise.

“We had an older server that we held onto until the very end. About six months before it simply had to be replaced, Verteks came out and gave us some recommendations as to what sort of server would be good for us. I always trust their judgment because they’re the experts — plus I know they have our best interests at heart,” Mangan said.

Superior Service

Verteks Consulting implemented a new HP server and saw to it that all the data was transferred from the old machine. The server runs an application that support Mangan’s entire insurance business, so speed was crucial.

“It went really well,” he said. “There was a lot of data to be switched over, which took a little time, but we were soon back up and running without any problem.”

Over time, Verteks has upgraded several of Mangan’s desktop computers with highly reliable HP workstations. Verteks also recently began handling Mangan’s voice communications needs.

“Verteks implemented a 3Com phone system for us, which is working out to be an excellent fit for our organization,” Mangan said. “Our previous phone system was probably 20 years old and had
reached the point where it really needed to be replaced. The 3Com system should last us for a very long time because of its flexibility and ability to expand.”

Unmatched Support</h3.

The 3Com IP telephone system is easy to administer and provides George Mangan Insurance with a number of useful new features. Because the system routes calls over the firm’s data network, it is able to integrate voice mail and e-mail and provide Web-based call logs and reporting.

“I was visiting Don one day and he gave me a demonstration of the 3Com system they have in place in their offices. It was amazing,” said Mangan. “When Don showed me how I could retrieve my phone messages through e-mail I was sold.”

Like any business, George Mangan Insurance can’t be without its phone system, so Verteks Consulting handled the implementation without any downtime. Verteks also trained Mangan’s staff on how to use the system, and is available at a moment’s notice should any problems arise.

“We had one problem early on, and it wasn’t with the phone system itself. The battery backup went bad, and Verteks came out and replaced it within 30 minutes,” Mangan said. “I was very impressed.”

In the rapidly changing technology field, that kind of customer support is hard to find — and that’s why so many Ocala-area businesses rely on Verteks. As George Mangan Insurance continues its second century in business, Verteks Consulting is there to serve all its technology needs.

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