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Make Endpoint Security a Top Priority

Compromised endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and printers have become primary access points for cybercriminals attempting to infiltrate networks. More than two-thirds of IT security professionals say their organizations have experienced one or more endpoint attacks that successfully compromised their data and infrastructure, according to research from the Ponemon Institute.

New Zero-Day Windows Vulnerability Requires Vigilance

Threat actors, including state-supported groups and cybercrime organizations, are actively ramping up attacks that leverage a recently discovered zero-day flaw in a Microsoft Windows support tool. The flaw, known as Follina, allows attackers to remotely take control of targeted computer systems through the use of altered Office documents.

Cyber Insurance Changes

Higher premiums and stricter requirements force organizations to boost their IT security posture.

Cyber insurance provides an important hedge against business-crippling cyberattacks, but policies have become increasingly expensive and difficult to obtain as malicious attacks become more frequent, severe and costly.

Wrangling with Wi-Fi

As employees return to the office, outdated Wi-Fi networks create connectivity challenges.

Connectivity is king in a work-from-anywhere world, but outdated and unreliable Wi-Fi networks threaten to undermine hybrid and remote work models. Legacy wireless infrastructure based on older standards do not adequately support changing Wi-Fi usage patterns.

Do You Know if Sensitive Data Is Leaving Your Network?

A microchip engineer was recently accused of stealing trade secrets using a clever technique. He allegedly sent data to his personal computer by hiding schematics in image files named for Pokémon characters.

A former Tesla employee is accused of taking a less technical approach, downloading trade secrets to his personal computer and submitting a different laptop for inspection to hide his activity.

Cybercriminals Targeting Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Despite months of dire warnings about the threat potential, researchers say the vast majority of vulnerabilities in the widely used Apache Log4j logging utility for Java software remain unpatched and actively exploited. New research suggests that more than 90,000 Internet-facing Java applications and nearly 70,000 servers remain exposed to the flaw that enables attackers to remotely execute code on compromised systems.

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