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Prepare to Support Remote Work for the Long Haul

Remote work had already achieved mainstream status before the coronavirus drove millions of us into work-from-home arrangements. Research conducted months before the current healthcare crisis found that remote work has increased by more than 150 percent over the past decade, with nearly three-quarters of global professionals reporting they telecommute at least one day a week.

Old Threat Makes Comeback

Surge in SQL injection attacks points to the need for intrusion prevention systems to protect applications and sensitive data.

Used by cybercriminals for more than 20 years, SQL injection is one of the oldest forms of web application attacks around.

Enabling Remote Access

Employees working from home need remote access, but what’s the best way to provide it — RDP or VPN?

You can’t blame IT managers for wanting to lock down access to the network, given the endless barrage of sophisticated security threats they must attempt to thwart.

Data Protection Wellness Plan

Simple strategies to help get your backups into shape.

We know we’re supposed to eat right and exercise but putting that knowledge into practice can be a challenge. Unfortunately, the same holds true for data backups in many organizations.

Businesses without a sound data protection plan leave themselves vulnerable to ransomware and other cyber threats that can corrupt, destroy or deny access to critical information.

Protecting Remote Workers

Cloud-based security from WatchGuard, combined with end-user training, helps to prevent cyberattacks on devices outside the network perimeter.

Thanks to technology, many workers no longer gather in a specific location to get things done. According to a recent survey by CITE Research, 92 percent of organizations allow employees to work remotely.