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Backup Challenges

A look at multiple options for closing the gaps in data backup operations.

Today’s increasingly distributed work environments create new challenges for already complicated data backup processes. With more data — and more types of data — being generated and stored across multiple data centers, cloud platforms and endpoint devices, the vast majority of companies are dealing with significant gaps in their backup operations.

The Surprising Risks of Unsecured Printers and Multifunction Devices

The international hacktivist group Anonymous recently claimed it hacked hundreds of unsecured printers throughout Russia, using them to distribute anti-war messages. Despite their good intentions, the incident is just another reminder that printers, fax machines and multifunction devices are far more vulnerable to malicious exploits than most people realize.

Who Goes There?

Identity-based security solutions support the zero-trust model and address evolving threat landscape.

Remote and hybrid work arrangements have become commonplace, with people across the globe now using a mixture of personal and company-owned devices to access data and applications from the corporate data center, public clouds, private clouds and the open Internet.

Upgrading Your Business PCs

As chip shortages ease, companies are looking for newer machines to support hybrid and remote workers.

With analysts anticipating a gradual easing of the global chip shortage through the rest of the year, small to midsized businesses (SMBs) are looking to revive long-delayed PC upgrade initiatives.

IoT Attacks on the Rise. Are You Prepared?

Billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are being compromised each year as malicious actors exploit a variety of security gaps to organize botnets, steal data and mine cryptocurrency. While the IoT now represents the single largest attack surface for most organizations, few have taken steps to adequately secure their IoT environment.

How Private Is Your Email?

There’s a lot to like about email. It’s fast, cheap, easy and reliable. With the touch of a button, you can simultaneously send messages or documents to dozens of contacts located just about anywhere on the planet. You can also use it to sort, file and filter important personal and professional information.

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