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Protecting Privacy in Virtual Meetings

Video conferencing presents great benefits and great risks. Consider these precautions.

Video conferencing has been a powerful business tool for many years, but its impact over the past year has been profound. It became an absolutely essential tool for remaining operational in the face of strict travel limitations and social-distancing requirements.

Protect Your Business with Dark Web Monitoring

Billions of stolen passwords, usernames and other digital credentials are now for sale on the Dark Web. Chances are pretty good that yours are among them.

The Dark Web is a collection of websites that are not indexed by search engines and are highly encrypted, allowing users to remain anonymous.

The Adaptable Office

In a post-Covid world, employees and employers alike want more flexible workspaces.

A year of unprecedented disruption has brought profound changes to the workplace, leading businesses everywhere to reconsider how, when and where work will get done in the future.

Overcoming the IT ‘Skills Gap’

How to get the talent needed to keep up with today’s technology demands.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused organizations of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. Organizations are digitizing business processes, consolidating systems and data, and adopting cloud services to facilitate work-from-home models.

Winning Executive Support for Cloud Initiatives

In an age of rapid digitalization, CEOs, CFOs and other members of the C-suite are committed to using technology to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experiences and drive revenues. More than 75 percent of executives surveyed for the Forbes 2021 CxO Growth Survey said they plan to “double down” on technology investments over the next two years.

How to Relieve Your Patch Management Burden

Microsoft reports that 92 percent of all Exchange Servers vulnerable to recently uncovered zero-day flaws have now been patched and updated. While that’s good news, there are still tens of thousands of unpatched servers that remain susceptible to a range of potentially devastating exploits such as remote code execution, server hijacking, ransomware, cryptomining, data theft and backdoor attacks.

Does Your Phone System Comply with New 911 Laws?

Millions of Americans each year experience workplace emergencies related to injury, illness or violence. Complex business communications systems can make it difficult to get a rapid response from police, fire or medical personnel, however.

The multiline telephone systems (MLTS) commonly used in commercial businesses, schools and government facilities deliver a number of operational and budget benefits, but they’ve always been problematic for 911 systems.

Whaling Attacks Target ‘Big Fish’ Executives

Phishing attacks typically cast a wide net to try and snag a few targets through the mass distribution of fraudulent emails. Even as these attacks become increasingly common, some malicious actors are looking to get their hooks into even bigger fish.

Law enforcement officials and information security experts have noted a steady increase in “whaling” attacks aimed at senior executives, managers and other key individuals in IT, accounting and finance.

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