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Developing an IoT Strategy

The Internet of Things can have a significant impact on the IT environment.

“Smart” buildings and lighting systems that automatically adjust for optimum energy efficiency and comfort. Medical devices that report vital signs and other data to doctors.

Protecting Consumer Data

Data privacy laws such as the CCPA provide a framework 
for safeguarding customers’ personal information.

Businesses collect and evaluate vast amounts of customer data to identify opportunities for growth, personalize marketing campaigns, and improve their products and services.

3 Requirements for Secure Online File Sharing

File-sharing technologies are essential for the efficient exchange of information in the digital age. However, a recently resolved class-action lawsuit against the provider of a well-known file-sharing service illustrates the risks these solutions can introduce.

Waiting Game

Cybersecurity officials warn that the worst of Log4Shell exploits are yet to come.

Federal cybersecurity officials say there have been few successful exploits of a critical vulnerability in a widely used logging utility for Java-based software. It may only be a matter of time, however.

Rejuvenating Technology

IT Modernization is key to reducing risk and driving improved business outcomes.

Many organizations today are trying to meet 21st-century business requirements with 20th-century technology. Outdated systems make up nearly a third of the typical organization’s technology stack, according to a Vanson Bourne survey, and 80 percent of IT leaders say failure to modernize these systems will limit long-term growth.

An Integrated Approach to Comprehensive Data Protection

Safeguarding data against loss, theft or corruption has always been one of the most critical functions of IT organizations. However, the process has become far more complex over the past several years. With the continued transition to cloud, mobile and remote working, the days of simply establishing a secure perimeter around a single, monolithic data repository are long gone.

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