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Smart Strategy

As its technology needs continue to grow, Meadowbrook Academy relies upon the experts at Verteks for IT services and support.

Technology is playing an ever-larger role in K-12 education as schools seek to engage today’s tech-savvy students. Meadowbrook Academy recognized this trend several years ago, and began developing the IT infrastructure needed to support and enhance its academic programs.

A Better Approach to Disaster Recovery

DR-as-a-Service provides infrastructure, processes and expertise in a subscription-based model.

Organizations depend upon around-the-clock availability of mission-critical IT systems — and that creates tremendous risk to the business. Disasters can and will occur, whether caused by human error, power interruptions, fire, water damage or weather-related events.

More Backbone

Many organizations are upgrading the network core to 10 Gigabit Ethernet or even higher.

“Our network is incredibly fast and we have way more bandwidth than we can ever use,” said no one ever.

The truth is that when it comes to network capacity, there is no such thing as “enough.

Phone Planning

Migrating to a new business phone system requires a careful, methodical approach.

While organizations of all sizes depend on email, video and social media for conveying information to both internal and external audiences, the telephone remains the undisputed champion of business communication tools.