Protect Your Cloud Assets with Cloud Firewalls

As organizations of all sizes continue to move more data and workloads to the cloud, most are facing significant new security challenges. Ninety-eight percent of companies surveyed recently by IDC said they experienced at least one cloud data breach within the previous 18 months, with 67 percent reporting three or more such incidents.

In a Post-Pandemic World, Cloud-Based Contact Centers Will be the New Normal

Few organizations with contact centers were adequately prepared to make the abrupt transition to a fully remote operation with at-home agents in response to COVID-19. According to a Gartner study conducted just a few months before the pandemic upheaval, nearly 90 percent of global organizations relied on-premises contact centers — either at their own site or outsourced to another company.

Cloud-Based Windows 365 Simplifies Desktop Virtualization

Virtual desktop technology has been around for more than a decade, but adoption has lagged due to perceived cost and complexity challenges. With more organizations looking to use the technology to support remote and hybrid workforces, Microsoft is simplifying desktop virtualization with its new cloud-based Windows 365 service.

5 Considerations for Your Cloud Security Framework

As organizations continue to shift more and more workloads to the cloud, they may inadvertently create security vulnerabilities. Recent research finds that configuration errors, insecure interfaces, unpatched applications, and poor encryption and authentication practices are opening the door for a variety of exploits.

Accelerated Cloud Adoption Brings Elevated Risk

It’s hard to imagine how businesses could have overcome pandemic-driven operational challenges without the cloud. By some estimates, organizations accelerated their cloud adoption plans by an average of six years in order to ensure remote workers had access to the applications, data and services they needed.

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