MSPs Have the Tools and Expertise to Counter Surging Cybercrime

Surging levels of cybercrime cost the global economy more than $8 trillion in 2022 — and most experts think the worst is yet to come.

Ninety-three percent of cybersecurity leaders and 86 percent of business leaders believe that a “far-reaching, catastrophic cyber event” is likely to occur within the next two years, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Global Cybersecurity Outlook.

Best Practices for Thwarting Endpoint Ransomware

With the transition to mobile, remote and hybrid work models, organizations today commonly support tens of thousands of network-connected endpoints such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. That has resulted in a greatly expanded attack surface and created a wealth of opportunities for malicious actors.

Business Email Compromise Surpasses Ransomware as Top Cyber Threat

Business email compromise (BEC) scams have surpassed ransomware as the greatest cybersecurity threat facing organizations today — and it’s not even a close call. According to data from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), BEC attacks were eight times more common than ransomware attacks in 2022, causing almost 80 times more financial damage.

Credential Stuffing Attacks Spike as Ransomware Payouts Drop

The Chick-fil-A fast food chain recently confirmed that it suffered a monthslong credential stuffing attack that compromised user accounts. The attack gave hackers access to the personal information and rewards balances of Chick-fil-A customers. The information was being sold on the dark web for up to $200 depending on the payment methods associated with the account and the rewards balance.

Adaptive Access Control Boosts Security without User Hassles

A World War II-era military intelligence technique has become an important element in modern efforts to boost IT security. The ability to identify distinctive keystroke patterns is part of a security strategy known as adaptive access control.

Army Signal Corps officers discovered that “dots” and “dashes” of intercepted Nazi telegraph transmissions had distinctive speeds and rhythms.

Using Dark Web Insights for Proactive IT Security

IT security has always been a largely reactive endeavor: Monitor networks and systems in order to detect and respond to any threats that arise. But such an approach is inadequate given the increased speed, scale and costs of today’s evolving threats. According to Microsoft researchers, it can take less than 45 minutes for ransomware to infiltrate and encrypt an entire network — far faster than most organizations can mount an effective response.

6 Suggestions for Improving Data Access Controls

On Aug. 9, 2022, two former Twitter employees we found guilty accepting bribes from Saudi Arabia in exchange for confidential information stolen from the accounts of thousands of users, most of whom are critics of the Saudi government. Authorities say the employees stole email and IP addresses, biographical information, log data and more, even though their jobs did not require access to such information.

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