January 28th, 2015

Verteks Consulting is proud to sponsor Angelbeat.  Come join us at one of our events – Tampa on Feb 3rd, Orlando on Feb 4th, and Jacksonville on Feb 6th.

The Angelbeat seminar “experience” is unique because of its focus on meeting the educational needs of the attendee. CEO Ron Gerber, a widely respected analyst/blogger (see postings below, click here to watch his youtube video on the Angelbeat experience), selects expert speakers who deliver concise, technical and complementary talks on security/compliance, cloud/virtualization/sdn, storage/backup/infrastructure, network/mobility/voip and big data/hadoop. Sales/marketing “fluff” and redundant content are eliminated, enabling attendees to learn about multiple subjects in a short period of time. There are lengthy breaks and live product demonstrations. CPE/CISSP credits are provided. Click on a city/date listed to the right to see the agenda, get full event details and register to attend.

Here is feedback from a Fortune 100 IT Director: “Thanks for hosting a very informative meeting with vendors that tied in well… it was an integrated picture of technologies that work together to create a complete infrastructure solution for the workplace.”

Event Details and registration:

November 21st, 2014

After only seven months on the market, WatchGuard’s APT Blocker was voted Advanced Persistent Threat Solution of the Year, competing against products such as FireEye, Fortinet’s FortiSandbox, and Palo Alto’s WildFire.

WatchGuard Wins Award

APT Blocker takes over where AV protection leaves off. It delivers real-time threat visibility and protection in minutes, not hours, focusing on behavioral analysis to determine if a file is malicious.

New! APT Blocker Promotion –  Now our customers can trade in a competitor’s security product for a one-year or three-year UTM or Next Generation Firewall Bundle (Model 330 and higher) and receive one-year of APT Blocker for FREE. This is a terrific opportunity for our customers to have award-winning protection from advanced malware without spending a penny more.

Read more about the APT Solution of the Year award.

August 12th, 2014

Please join me in congratulating John Childers on earning his VMware Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP) 5.5 Certification.  This is John’s third VMware certification.

This certification focuses on the design aspects of VMware vSphere and vCenter. The certification covers the current vSphere 5.5 content and provides more scenario based training, white boarding, and design considerations than previous versions of VTSP. John’s attainment of this VTSP accreditation demonstrates his ability to:

  • Identify where and how specific products fit into an overall customer solution
  • Discuss and demonstrate the strengths and benefits of key technical features
  • Guide customers through product evaluation and selection
  • Apply knowledge to answer technical questions related to VMware products and solutions

I appreciate John’s commitment to his professional development and I’m proud of his effort to complete this additional coursework and pass the certification test as well.  Please join me in congratulating John Childers on his achievement of greater mastery of VMware so we can better serve our customers.  Way to go, John!


John Childers VTSP Certification

July 30th, 2014

Please join me in congratulating our engineer, Chris Whitfield, on becoming a WatchGuard Certified System Professional.

The WatchGuard Certified System Professional-XTM (WCSP-XTM) exam certifies that individuals who pass the test are competent in the installation, configuration, management, and monitoring of a WatchGuard XTM device with Fireware XTM OS. The courseware and exam reference WatchGuard System Manager management software.

Individuals that take this test also confirm their knowledge of the fundamentals of network security, WatchGuard System Manager management software, and Fireware XTM configuration tools.

Congratulations to Chris for learning this material, taking the test and earning his certification!

Chris Whitfield WatchGuard Certified System Professional

September 5th, 2013

The Gartner Symposium/ITxpo agenda offers 500+ analyst sessions, workshops, roundtables and mastermind keynotes across five full days. With 10 role-based tracks and 11 industry tracks, the agenda targets your specific title responsibilities and ways to adapt new ideas and strategy to your industry, along with insight on what’s next in IT.

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October 20th, 2011

ShoreTel recently announced an update to ShoreTel Mobility, a smartphone integration solution that simply and intelligently integrates all leading smartphones and tablets with leading IP PBX systems extending full UC and cost-saving calling capabilities to the mobile workforce.  IT professionals can now empower their users with enterprise UC on the smartphones they love, leveraging the IP PBX platform that they already have – all while reducing costs and securing enterprise communications. To see a demo of this exciting technology, contact your Verteks Consulting account manager, or call us toll-free at 877-VERTEKS.

ShoreTel Mobility is a solution that goes against conventional IT wisdom – counter to the complexity some vendors push. By design, ShoreTel marries its hallmark ease-of-use with uncompromising sophistication to deliver incredible value back to the enterprise, the IT team and the end user.

What’s New:

  • Enable corporate communication applications on employee-owned smartphones and tablets, reducing support costs and burden with a simple and easy separation of personal and business identities on a single mobile device.
  • Native telephony interface integration on Android OS 2.2+ such as Motorola ATRIX 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, Motorola Droid X2, HTC Droid Incredible 2, and Motorola Droid.
  • Full-feature suite available for the latest devices on the BlackBerry OS 6 platform, including the Blackberry Torch 9800, Bold 9700, and Bold 9780.
  • Ongoing support for Apple iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

You can learn more at – To see a demo of this exciting technology, contact your Verteks Consulting account manager, or call us toll-free at 877-VERTEKS.

October 19th, 2011

In our world of digital photos, on-demand videos and ubiquitous e-mail, fax technology seems almost primitive. When sent via traditional methods, where one fax machine scans a document and transmits it to another fax machine which prints it out, faxes even present a multitude of problems:

  • Paper jams or a lack of paper can cause a transmission to fail.
  • Multi-page faxes can pile up on the machine – or spill to the floor.
  • Fax machines are rarely private, making it impossible to guarantee privacy for medical records, financial records and more.

If they are to be stored electronically, faxes must be scanned manually.

These problems, however, can all be solved with new technology that allows each person in an office – or even those in remote offices – to receive faxes directly to their desktop via email.

For our clients, we have recommended and installed FaxFinder. This all-in-one fax server provides distributed faxing capabilities over the corporate network. Inbound faxes are converted to either .pdf or .tiff files and delivered to an e-mail inbox or network folder. Or, they can even be printed on a network printer.

On the outbound side, users can send a fax through a Microsoft Office application (e-mail-to-fax) or via the FaxFinder web client. When a user is working in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook or another Office application, they can simply click the FaxFinder button in the menu. Then, they will be given options to create a cover sheet, choose a recipient from their Microsoft Outlook address book, and more.

With the FaxFinder web client, users can take advantage of advanced features that make it easier to get the job done. For example, multiple documents from various applications can be uploaded to create a single, large fax. In addition, when fax transmissions fail, users are informed via e-mail in a timely manner.

Other advanced features include:

  • Both inbound and outbound faxes can be archived in a shared network folder
  • Outbound faxes can require approval before being sent
  • Error correction mode creates fast and reliable fax transmissions

Best of all, each employee in the company can be provided with a virtual fax number. When the FaxFinder fax server receives a fax, it automatically routes the document to the correct location. This eliminates the risk associated with receiving confidential financial or medical faxes, which might cause security concerns if they are being sent to a traditional fax machine. No longer do recipients have to hover over the fax machine waiting for important documents.

Similarly, professionals who rely upon faxed documents to complete transactions or files now will have immediate access to electronic copies of the information. For example, real estate documents that can be received and stored electronically will make it easier for a mortgage broker or real estate agent to do their jobs.

Don’t let the hassles associate with a traditional fax stop you from offering this convenient communications technology to your clients and customers. Instead, update it with a more reliable, secure way of sending and receiving faxes.

For more information, visit the MultiTech site, or call our consulting department.  Current customers of Verteks Consulting qualify for a free 30-day trial of FaxFinder, call us at 877-VERTEKS to learn more.

FaxFinder Site:

August 3rd, 2011

It is inevitable to have to upgrade any kind of software sooner or later. This is now true for Windows XP, as Microsoft has announced a discontinuation of support for the operating system in 2014. Microsoft recommends upgrading to the newer Windows 7 OS, which is something worth considering as early as now.

Part of using any sort of software is the inevitable need to upgrade. Most if not all software needs to either be replaced and upgraded as the demands of the market entail more efficient processing of the various data and information a business handles.

Such is the case with Windows XP. While many continue to use this proven straightforward operating system, Microsoft has decided to stop support by the year 2014. Microsoft further recommends upgrading to its latest OS, Windows 7, in order for users to continue to receive OS support.

While there are some lines of business applications that have not been upgraded to work with Windows 7, most have and there are alternative approaches. Also, your business needs the security and protection that only a current, up-to-date operating system can provide.

We understand that changing your OS will entail some expense, including new licenses, hardware, and some training. Fortunately, these things are designed to help you operate more efficiently and increase your productivity in the long run. But such change will take time, and if you are interested in starting to plan for an upgrade now, we’ll be happy to sit down with you and develop an upgrade process that meets your specific needs.

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August 2nd, 2011

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug 02, 2011 — ShoreTel(R), the leading provider of brilliantly simple IP phone systems with fully integrated unified communications (UC), today announced that, for the eighth year in a row, it has received the highest ratings for IP telephony products from IT decision makers in the Nemertes Research annual PilotHouse Awards report.

The high ratings earned ShoreTel the Nemertes PilotHouse Award for Top IP Telephony Provider among Market Challengers. Nemertes, an independent research firm based in Illinois, received ratings for 22 IP telephony vendors and determined the award solely on the views and experiences of more than 2,000 actual users of IP telephony systems.

ShoreTel’s overall score of 4.32, was above all vendors examined.

Customers rated their providers on a scale of 1 to 5 in the following categories: Technology, Customer Service, and Value. ShoreTel scored above a 4 rating in all categories. Nemertes analysts also conducted in-depth conversations with a subset of IP telephony decision-makers to understand the reasons behind the results.

– Technology: Technology ratings examine how customers view sophistication, features and implementation of the product. ShoreTel received a rating of 4.18 for technology. The report states, “ShoreTel has kept pace with technology innovation, invested in and integrated mobility into its platform through its Agito acquisition, and provides the integrated UC functionality including conferencing and high-quality desktop video that its IP telephony customers want.”

– Customer Service: Customer-service ratings look at technical support, responsiveness to deployment issues, sales support and general customer care. ShoreTel received a 4.18 rating for customer service, surpassing last year’s score of 4.10, with the report noting that ShoreTel has built its brand on solid customer service.

– Value: The value rating measures what customers think about what they get for their money. With a score of 4.65, ShoreTel received the highest score of all the IP telephony vendors in any market category. The report cites IT professionals feel the solution is affordable and easy to implement and operate. Respondents told Nemertes they “get a good bang for their buck” and the IT director of a midsize transportation company said plainly, “I like the simplicity.”

“What makes ShoreTel successful is our focus on clear product differentiation, low total cost of ownership and our commitment to continuously improving customer satisfaction. Adding new capabilities such as mobility to drive new revenue streams, product simplicity and quality shows our focus on Brilliant Simplicity is working. We are honored to win this award for the eighth year running as this demonstrates that we continue to deliver on these promises.”

– Peter Blackmore, CEO, ShoreTel

“For the unprecedented eighth straight year, ShoreTel claims the top prize in IP telephony. ShoreTel obviously is doing something right; no vendor ever has consistently won the same category multiple years as ShoreTel has in IP telephony.”

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May 24th, 2011

Many SMBs are unaware that hackers are finding online banking transactions to be profitable and easy targets for cyber-attacks because of several weaknesses in the security systems not only of both organizations, but also in the authentication protocols between them.

In a recent attack, cyber-thieves managed to get away with $63,000 after they exploited vulnerabilities in the online payroll system of a small business with its bank.

First, the crooks managed to infiltrate the company’s system through a piece of malware called the Zeus Trojan. This gave them access to the company’s data, including the password and username used in transacting with the company’s bank. The thieves then created several new ghost employees and created payroll accounts for them, which they sent to the bank and authenticated using the company controller’s username and password. And to cover their tracks, the hackers erased the confirmation emails regarding the transaction.

This incident highlights the need for better security systems in both the business and their bank as security experts cite online banking transactions as one of the favorite targets of cyber-criminals. Cyber-attacks such as this one exploit weaknesses in many existing systems that rely on very simple and automated authentication procedures to confirm transactions.

A direct threat to your business finances is not something to be taken lightly. You not only need to review your current online banking system, but also the current security protocols you have installed, since hackers and cyber-criminals are constantly updating Trojans and other malware to adapt to changing IT protection systems.

We encourage you to have us take a look at the systems you have in place to determine if you are at risk for attacks like these. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to draw up custom security solutions that address your specific needs.

Sold a Lemon in Internet Banking
Cybercrooks Drive Away With $63,000 from Car Dealership

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