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Every Company Can Benefit from Call Recording Software

The next time you’re sitting in a company meeting saying “our customers are asking for this change” or “customers would benefit from this feature,” imagine how much more impact you would have with a recording of your customers own voice. With CallRex Call Recording software, you can quickly bring the voice of the customer to more people within your organization.

2010 Hog for Hope Charity Event

Are you attending the 2010 Hog for Hope charity event benefiting ARC Marion? Hog for began in 2002 and annually offers a chance drawing to win a new, custom-painted Harley-Davidson motorcycle in addition to other prizes.

This year Verteks Consulting is a Gold Sponsor of this wonderful event that benefits the intellectually disabled in Marion County.

New Internet Explorer exploit affects XP and Windows 2000

A security advisory from Microsoft yesterday warns about a risk involving any version of Internet Explorer on Windows 2000 and Windows XP that can allow a malicious Web site to infiltrate your PC. You should be aware of the implications, and make sure you take action to prevent a possible attack on your PC.

Microsoft’s advisory can be found here: http://www.