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Cut Costs and Complexity with Software-Defined WAN

The wide-area network (WAN) is rapidly replacing the LAN as the primary conduit for accessing business applications and data. The WAN enables branch offices and remote workers to connect to headquarters, and provides the Internet connectivity needed for cloud-based services.

Expanding the Possibilities of Video Collaboration

The video conferencing market has long been dominated by powerful and expensive room-based systems that required advanced scheduling and the support of IT staff in order to conduct meetings. While those systems still make sense for large group meetings, several new developments are helping to drive the power of video collaboration into all corners of the workforce.

9 Tips for Thwarting Emerging Threats

The security landscape is continually changing, and our last post described a few of the latest threats cybercriminals are employing in their efforts to compromise your networks and endpoints. As threats evolve, organizations must continue to employ a variety of strong countermeasures.

As Technology Evolves, So Do Threats

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, with mobile, cloud, analytics and other big initiatives driving significant shifts in the IT world. Rest assured that cybercriminals are doing their best to keep pace.

Security experts predict that malicious threat actors will differentiate their tactics in the coming months in order to capitalize on the changing technology landscape.

Security Skills Gap

Studies reveal dearth of cybersecurity talent is creating measurable damage.

Security incidents are increasing in sophistication and frequency, yet industry studies find that an alarming shortage of cybersecurity talent is resulting in direct and measurable damage to companies worldwide.

WLAN Evolution

Network design focus shifts from coverage to capacity.

Anthropologists say there was no appreciable improvement in the design of stone hand axes for some 60,000 generations — a period sometimes referred to as “the million years of boredom.” However, the emergence of metallurgy enabled new methods of toolmaking, sparked the transition from the Stone Age to the Metal Age, and inspired profound social evolution.

UCaaS Drives Change

Cloud-based communications platforms enable new business models.

Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) is poised for accelerated growth in 2017, analysts say, as organizations look to cloud-based platforms not only to improve communications but to drive a fundamental shift in organizational structure.