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Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization can provide secure remote access to applications and data, but the implementation comes with significant challenges.

The need to support work-from-home strategies has renewed interest in desktop virtualization. With virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), all components of each user’s desktop environment are stored in the data center or the cloud and delivered to the user on nearly any device.

Securing Remote IT Assets

Employers should identify digital assets used by remote employees and establish procedures for disabling access and ensuring their return.

Many people have trouble thinking about the “endgame” at the beginning of a relationship. However, things can (and do) turn sour, particularly in an employment relationship.

Webinar – Protect your O365 and G Suite data from malicious deletion, ransomware attacks, and other accidental loss – 21 May 2020

Microsoft or Google can’t determine when a document is deleted whether it was done so intentionally, or if it was accidental or a malicious deletion. When an item is deleted - and that can be anything from a Word Doc or a Google sheet or even an entire folder - its kept in the trash or recycle bin for a period of time, and then purged from the system.

In a Post-Pandemic World, Cloud-Based Contact Centers Will be the New Normal

Few organizations with contact centers were adequately prepared to make the abrupt transition to a fully remote operation with at-home agents in response to COVID-19. According to a Gartner study conducted just a few months before the pandemic upheaval, nearly 90 percent of global organizations relied on-premises contact centers — either at their own site or outsourced to another company.