Phone Planning

Migrating to a new business phone system requires a careful, methodical approach.

While organizations of all sizes depend on email, video and social media for conveying information to both internal and external audiences, the telephone remains the undisputed champion of business communication tools.

iTap RDP gives you complete control of your Windows PC from your iPad from anywhere.

I've been looking for a reliable, easy-to-use application to access my PC and network from my iPad, and after trying several apps, I can recommend iTap RDP. I use this app almost every day and it’s extremely reliable and useful. With a few seconds of quick setup, you can easily access a Terminal Server in your network, or directly access your desktop.

Every Company Can Benefit from Call Recording Software

The next time you’re sitting in a company meeting saying “our customers are asking for this change” or “customers would benefit from this feature,” imagine how much more impact you would have with a recording of your customers own voice. With CallRex Call Recording software, you can quickly bring the voice of the customer to more people within your organization.

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