Beyond the Password

Enhanced biometrics solutions boost security through stronger authentication.

The password has been a linchpin of security for millennia, a common way to demand proof of identity in order to control access to an area. It may have been effective for medieval castle sentries, but the password has become notoriously inadequate for protecting modern IT environments.

Outsourcing Cybersecurity

Organizations are turning to managed security service providers for help in boosting data security and regulatory compliance.

Organizations continue to make significant investments in cybersecurity, but cybersecurity incidents continue to make headlines.

A New Way to WAN

Software-defined WAN solutions help to reduce costs and streamline operations through flexibility, consolidation and centralized management.

The wide-area network (WAN) has become one of the most critical components of the IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to gain access to cloud resources and connect remote locations and workers to headquarters.

A Strong Relationship

Orlando Steel trusts Verteks to provide good advice and reliable technology solutions.

There are dozens of different metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of technology solutions. Organizations often base IT investment decisions on characteristics such as processing power, capacity, scalability, throughput, availability and more.

Embedded Communications

Communications Platform-as-a-Service is changing the way communications and collaboration services are delivered.

Remember when the phone system was a distinct piece of equipment that was managed by specialists? Those days are becoming a distant memory as more organizations adopt unified communications (UC) solutions.

Smarter Security

Threat intelligence provides the actionable information organizations need to enhance their security strategies.

Most security tools are designed to detect and defend against specific types of cyberattacks. Firewalls allow only trusted traffic to flow through, while intrusion prevention systems examine data packets and drop those that appear to be malicious.

Detective Work

SIEM systems help overworked IT teams wade through alerts and event logs to better detect and respond to security incidents.

Common sense would dictate that the longer it takes to discover a security breach, the greater the potential damage. Unfortunately, insider attacks, zero-day exploits and advanced persistent threats are increasingly difficult to detect, giving cybercriminals the advantage of lengthy “dwell times” in compromised systems and networks.

Limiting Risk

Increasing cyberattacks underscore the value of cyber insurance.

Virtually all organizations are now dependent on technology to one degree or another, which means they are at risk of cybercrime. Given the increasing frequency and sophistication of threats, it is no surprise that there is growing interest in cyber insurance.

Understanding the Value of Flash

With dramatic performance and capacity gains, flash storage delivers a lot of bang for the buck.

Flash storage has made significant inroads into the data center in recent years, as more organizations seek to tap the performance advantages of flash to support their most demanding workloads.

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