Wi-Fi’s Next Wave

Latest wireless networking standard delivers speed necessary to support more devices and applications.

Since its introduction in 2013, the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard has had a dramatic impact on wireless networks, delivering marked improvements in speed, availability and reliability.

Email Evolution

More and more organizations are moving their messaging platforms to the cloud.

Despite the rise of instant messaging, video conferencing and other online collaboration tools, email remains an essential form of communication among business users. According to the “2017 Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report” from Webtorials, employees spend 80 minutes per day reading and replying to emails, and ranked email as the most efficient form of communication.

Prepare for GDPR

Deadline nearing for tough, new data protection standard with a global impact.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in less than a year, and data security experts say it could be the strictest data privacy law ever enacted.

Data Center Building Blocks

Hyper-converged infrastructure accelerates deployments and relieves management headaches through modular approach.

The first known prefabricated house was developed by London carpenter Henry Manning in 1833 for his son who was emigrating to Australia.

Finding Value

SMBs looking to managed services providers to deliver efficiency, innovation and more.

As the role of business technology steadily evolves, small to midsize businesses (SMBs) have become increasingly comfortable with a managed services approach to their technology requirements.

A New Look

Emerging trends remove complexity and expand the possibilities of video conferencing.

The business case for video conferencing has been convincingly established. With workforces becoming more mobile and dispersed, video conferencing bridges geographic boundaries to reduce travel costs, improve collaboration and promote stronger business relationships.

Protecting Sensitive Data

Data encryption is the key to minimizing the risk of embarrassing and costly security breaches.

A seemingly endless list of high-profile data breaches has organizations worried about the threats posed by hackers. The ongoing adoption of cloud applications and storage brings concerns about the security of data on third-party systems.

Most Organizations Are Adopting Multiple Clouds

It seems almost quaint that organizations once wondered whether they should move to the cloud. Today, virtually every organization is using some form of cloud, with the vast majority adopting a multi-cloud strategy.

As the name implies, a multi-cloud model involves the use of more than one cloud service.

Staying Up to Date

Verteks helps the Marion County Property Appraiser with cost-effective upgrades for its servers, security, backup and phone system.

As the pace of technology change continues to accelerate, organizations in virtually every industry are struggling to keep up.

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